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College Football: Week 13

You don't expect to go to the Clemson vs Citadel game and expect to have a lot to talk about afterwards. It's a noon game against an FBS opponent... usually snoozers. Well, that wasn't the case on Saturday. So, here we go.

The Purple Out was very impressive on Saturday and I wish we'd throw that into the schedule every couple of years. The student section rocked out {unexpected} and the purple balloons were a nice change from the orange ones released.

Confession: I started crying right about the time that I saw the solo Young bus pull up to the hill carrying only the seniors. Seriously? Didn't expect that. Thankfully I was not the only one crying the entire time the seniors were making their way down the hill.

It was Senior Day. Senior day is inevitable every year - you cannot keep your Tigers in school and playing for Clemson forever, no matter how much you would like to. As it turns out, you can't keep your school presidents either. It was a huge surprise to see President Barker dressed out at the top of the hill to run down the hill before his last game as Clemson's president. Pretty sure he got a little choked up at the reaction of the crowd.

At the same time, we realized that the team was dressed out in all purple {first time since 2010 & first time for this senior class} for Military Appreciation Day & Clemson's Purple Out.

Sad little Hot Rod :(

You also cannot keep Tajh Boyd forever. Sigh.

Daniel Rodriguez is Military Appreciation Day, end of story. If you don't know who he is or his story then you should definitely check it out. It is worth a watch. I am so grateful that Clemson believed in him & gave him the opportunity.

What up, new Clemson President! 

I hope you checked out that Tiger suit closely because this is what we expect of our presidents:

But for real Tajh, don't leeeeeeeeave!

Catman, I'm going to need you to stay too, please.

If I never check off another thing on my Clemson bucket list, I feel pretty good about at least getting this one: I saw Daniel Rodriguez score a touchdown! Not only did I see him score a touchdown, but I saw him score it on Military Appreciation Day while in a purple uniform. Everyone in the stadium was immediately on their feet screaming for him, including The Citadel fans.

But the most upsetting part of the day? When we got to town, my mom and I decided to quickly sell our two extra tickets. The scalpers were missing from their normal spots so as soon as we came across a random one we rolled down the window. He offered us $10 a ticket... I countered with $15 a ticket. We gleefully drove away excited that we had sold our two extra tickets to the Citadel game & if the past was any indication, the scalper wasn't actually going to be able to sell them to anyone.

The couple who ended up buying the tickets and sitting next to us bought the tickets for $120. 


It is finally time to focus on the last game of the year: The Clemson vs Carolina Game.

As many Carolina fans have said the last few years, the past doesn't matter. 

It doesn't matter that they have played every year since 1909.
It doesn't matter that Clemson has a decisive lead in the series, 65-41-4.
It doesn't matter that Carolina has won the last four years.
It doesn't matter what either team has done or hasn't done this season.
It doesn't matter that both teams are ranked in the BCS top 10.
It doesn't matter what either team did in week 1 or even last week.
What matters is Saturday at 7pm.

This week makes me extremely glad that I do not live in South Carolina. This game seems to bring out the worst trash talking by the most ignorant "fans" on both sides. I like to hide away until game time and avoid all of it!

Let Rivalry Week begin! GO TIGERS!


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