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Running Wish List

So... seven 5Ks in six months and I have my eye on at least three more before the end of the year. I guess it's time to invest in some actual running things? I never thought that I would stick with running so I didn't bother buying anything - I just made do with what I had. But... it's about time.

{Running Wish List}

1. {Running Shoes} I want to go to a running store, try on a ton of shoes, and have someone who knows what they're doing find a good running shoe for me. I'm pretty sure the shoes I have now weren't meant for lots of running despite being a fantastic Black Friday deal last year.

2. {Armband for my iPhone} The one I run with was designed for an iPod and my iPhone doesn't fit all that well in it. It works for now but it'll be time to upgrade soon.

3. {Long Sleeve Shirt} I have long sleeve shirts but they drive me crazy after about 2 minutes of running. I'd rather have one that was made for running/working out in.


4. {Running Pants} I have always stuck to Nike shorts when going to the gym no matter how cold it is outside. You can't get away with that when it's 40 degrees outside and you're running.


5. {Running Headband} Cold ears? No thank you.

Had I known that running opened up a whole new world of shopping, I soooo would have started running sooner ;)

Any suggestions on a running accessory that I should investigate buying?


  1. Personally I'm dying for a little teeny tiny, almost fanny pack style bag to keep my keys in when I run, because the ones I have here in France are outrageously large and thus tying them to my shoelaces is not going to cut it.

    Also you're possibly going to want gloves pretty soon if cold is not your thing. :)

    1. What about the pants that have little hidden pockets in the waistband for keys? That might work. And yeah... gloves are going to be a necessity for running & biking for the next few months I think.


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