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How to Buy a Pair of Running Shoes

So far on my Running Wish List, I have managed to cross two items off {yay!}

The first was the long sleeve running shirt from Gap, which I highly recommend. It's comfortable to run in and I like the little holes in the sleeves to stick your thumb through. The downside is that it's harder to check your time on your watch if you run with one.

Anyway, back to how to buy a pair of running shoes.

{Step One} Find a fun little running store to go to. My choice?
Run for Your Life. Fantastic local store {shop local!} with extremely helpful sales clerks.

{Step Two} Find a sales clerk and when they ask what can they help you with, say "I want to buy a pair of running shoes!" They may reply with something like "Uh, ok, I think you're in the right place." I guess I was stating the obvious when I walked in there, huh?

{Step Three} Make sure to point out the fact that you have never bought a pair of shoes for running so that they take the time to look at your feet & the way you walk. They may immediately rule out the one pair you have your eye on though because it isn't the best fit  for you :(

They'll also ask you how much you run, what type of training you're doing, etc. I was just like listen, I'm not training for a marathon or anything. Just find me a pair of basic running shoes.

{Step Four} Proceed to try on every shoe they have in your size & specific style. My feet aren't special at all and my sales guy, Rob, recommended me to buy a stability running shoe {like he recommends for 80% of the people who come in looking for shoes}

And when I say every shoe, I mean every shoe. I tried on Nike, Brooks, Asics, Saucony, and New Balance. White ones, purple ones, multi colored ones... every shoe.

99% sure that guy regretted giving me so many choices once he realized how indecisive I was.

{Step Five} Decide on a pair you like & buy them!
Buying the most colorful shoes wasn't exactly my intent, but these felt the best to move around in, so whatever.

In case you were wondering, the colors of my new shoes are described as silver, diva pink, and purple. Love it. I can't wait to take these out of the box and start breaking these shoes in before my next 5K!


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