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Photo Lovin' Friday: Boats & Sunsets

I've rediscovered how much fun I can have in Photoshop... or well, how much fun I can have in pixlr which is as close as I want to be to Photoshop right now.

And when you add photo editing + a glass of wine + Scandal, you get this:

Boats at Bohicket Marina on Seabrook Island

 Bohicket Marina on Seabrook Island

Sunset at the end of the boardwalk on Eugenia, Kiawah Island {the one non-edited photo}

My camera and I are going to be spending even more time together as I attempt to remember techniques from photography classes that I took in high school and college. Now to find things/people to photograph and edit... {cough cough anyone out there who might be opposed to professional engagement pictures}. Oh this will be fun.

Happy Solid Orange Friday! 

Here's to the last non-football weekend before I try to pull off another Thursday night/Saturday game combination like earlier this season.


  1. Frame & hang the second one.


  2. I just found your blog! I saw that you started following and wanted to read your blog too. I would love to get a better camera and start taking more fun and beautiful photos! Can't wait to see how your photography goes. Thanks for following my blog!

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