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Oyster Roasts Are About Pictures, Not Oysters.

{PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, sorry, had to get that out after the longest two minutes ever - back to the post}

Cameron & Jacob moved back to town and decided to host an Oyster Roast for their friends and family to celebrate that fact.

I, being the very picky eater that I am, do not go anywhere near oysters. Ew. Disgusting. But as everyone knows, oyster roast are about way more than eating oysters {although I know some of you might disagree with that statement based on the number of raw & steamed oysters you consumed}. 

It's about seeing people you haven't seen lately.
It's about socializing.
It's about celebrating one thing or another.
It's about taking a million pictures.

What, just me? Y'all don't take a million pictures at an oyster roast? You're missing out...

Oyster Roasts are the best.

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  1. This looks like so much! I would totally have been partaking in the oysters thought :) Yum!


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