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Game Day in Tiger Town!

It's Game Day! It's Game Day! It's Game Day!

It's Game Day in TIGER TOWN!

It's Thursday, it's Game Day, AND I'm headed to Tiger Town to see the Tigers take on the Yellow Jackets. I have never, ever been to a Thursday night game in Clemson. They haven't had once since 2002 and we didn't start purchasing season tickets until 2004.

Georgia Tech games {at least the home ones} have been some of my all time favorite games. 

 {Freshman year. College Game Day. Purple Uniforms. Thunder & Lightning. If I had to pick a day in my life that was "perfect", this one would be right up there near the top}

{So we might have lost this game but hey, it was the first game after Bowden was fired & it was {future head coach} Dabo's first game as interim head coach}

{Liza flew out on her fall break to come to a game with me - it was so awesome to be able to show my best friend my college and why I love Clemson football so much. She's a converted Clemson fan :)}

{After two football seasons of working together, I finally made it over to Laurel's tailgate}

You know what's a crazy idea? Why not just do a repeat of the first football weekend of the season?

That's right.

A Thursday night game {Clemson} & a Saturday night game {USC}.

This football lovin' girl is very happy.

The photography side of me is very happy, too.

Last Sunday I took engagement pictures for two of my friends who are getting married in May. It was the first time I've ever taken engagement pictures & {obviously} the first time they'd had some taken of them. We got some good shots out of it but have things to tweak so we're doing a part 2 on Thursday once we're in Clemson. I had fun taking the pictures {& playing with this borrowed lens} and I'm looking forward to seeing what other pictures we can come up with.

All that was a really long way of saying... no post tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend! GO TIGERS!

P.S. - who watched Nashville last night? Um, what the heck?!


  1. Go Tigers- love the pictures!! Had no idea you were a Clemson fan - we're Clemson fans in our house too :) We had tickets to tonight's game but cant make it! Enjoy!!

  2. WOW. Throwback pic from '06.

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