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Confession #1: I have no idea how to pronounce "lagniappe"
Confession #2: I'm 100% picked this race to run because it was the smallest 5K option of the weekend & my best chance to place in my age group.

Confession #3: ... that was everyone else's thought, too so that plan definitely back fired on me. There were so many fast runners in this race!

Mile 1
For a race that advertises itself as "relatively flat", the first half mile was straight up hill. We were technically running on the Crawdaddy Dash 5K course this year, but that race also advertises itself as "flat". Either way, the race started off straight up hill. More annoying than the hill? The girl who was probably in my age group who was running 6" to my left. I'm not sure she could have gotten any closer to me without tripping us both up along the run.
Mile 2
More hills! But at least during mile 2 we were running down them rather than up. There was also plenty of flat running too so I won't totally discredit them for their "relatively flat" course promise.
Mile 3
I'm 99% sure that the annoyingly-close-running-girl from the 1st mile is somewhere in my age group and unfortunately, she was about 10 yards ahead of me at this point. There was no hope of me catching her, either. I came pretty close during the last 0.6 miles of the race when we were running along the Owens Field Airport runway and the sun came out and was miserably hot. Everyone slowed down, some more than others.

I got a last little kick of energy before the end and crossed the finish line in 28:44, right behind the annoying girl.
Final Results
Watch Time - 28:44
Chip Time - 28:45
Pace - 9:10/mile
Age Group - 4/6
Gender - 18/60
Overall - 47/113

Yup. That girl who I thought was in my age group who crossed the finish line just in front of me? She got 3rd. You know... only a little bit bitter about that one. I had my 3rd fastest 5K time ever though so it's still a win to me!
Want to know what's also a win? Free River Rat beer at the finish line.

{yes, as it turns out, all I need is to be offered a free River Rat American Kolsch Story at the end of a tough race to give up on day 28 of my 30 day alcohol free challenge, oops}
Next up: the Run Hard 5K next Saturday.
I came across this race one weekend last spring when I was at Soda City Market on Main Street. The race goes right through the middle of the market! That reason alone put this race on the list of "must run" for this spring and I'm excited for it this coming weekend.

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