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The Most Perfect, Non-Traditional Wedding

Benjamin & Jen are married, yay!

& as promised, here are a few more details and pictures from their day this past Friday.
Both families and a couple of friends met up at the Thoroughbred Club at the Charleston Place Hotel early Friday afternoon for a couple of drinks before walking to the waterfront for the ceremony. We snagged a few pictures while we were waiting to go.
My brother & I take really awkward pictures together sometimes...

... and Jen does her best to be ridiculous in every picture that we ever take while I pout on the side because I can't get a good one with her.

My mom had a gorgeous bouquet put together for Jen and Jen's two boys gave her a couple of Charleston Palmetto Roses, so she added those into the bouquet as well.

We all walked down towards the waterfront together before cutting the walk short just in front of the United States Custom House. My brother and Jen decided that they would rather stop and get married here {rather than the original plan of in front of the Pineapple Fountain in Waterfront Park}, so we crossed East Bay Street and headed for the Custom House steps.

Their ceremony was super short but super sweet and 100% them. I loved that they involved Jen's two boys, too! They each got to say "I do" to the marriage and be a part of the ceremony.

They kissed!
& then exchanged rings.

& then I forced everyone to take a few group pictures. I set the camera up on the tripod, set the self timer, and let everyone do their thing. I had long since given up hope for any sort of traditional wedding pictures for the two of them, but we definitely did get some fun, silly ones in addition to the good ones.

Afterwards, we headed back to the Thoroughbred Club at the Charleston Place Hotel for a celebratory toast and a few more drinks.

Y'all. I wished for a sister for years and years and years. Now, within six months, I've gained not one but two! Plus, I finally got a regular picture with Jen because she was distracted enough at the bar to forget to do anything silly in the picture ;)

Anyway, my favorite picture from the day might be this totally stalkerish picture that I snapped as we were walking down the street after the ceremony.

Why? Because it reminded me of this one that I took oh so long ago on the first weekend that I met Jen. I was pretty positive, as we walked back from The Sanctuary at Kiawah to our boardwalk, that something was going on between these two even though they insisted they were "just friends". I'm still feeling pretty good about being right about my suspicions!

Congratulations, Benjamin & Jen!


  1. How sweet! You know, sometimes I do wish we would have just done something sweet and simple like that! :)

  2. What a beautiful day for the ceremony, too, and I love that the boys were included! Congratulations to them both!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. I love that your brother got married in flip flops and a ripped jacket. So cool. Also... so awesome that they changed their mind about the ceremony location on the way to the ceremony! Congrats to them!


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