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Book Review: The Magnolia Story & Talking as Fast as I Can

99.9% of the time, if I'm reading a book, it's going to be a fiction book. I'm not too big into the non-fiction side of things or reading about history or reading biographies - they're just not my thing.
Until these two books came along.
I bought both of these as an early Valentine's Day present to myself.
The Magnolia Story
by Chip & Joanna Gaines

Everyone loves the show Fixer Upper and if you watch, you can tell that there's always more to the story than what you see on the show. Chip & Jo have so much character to them and if you're like me, you kind of want a peek into their lives when the cameras aren't turned on.
That's what I feel like this book is - it's a little peek into how they got where they are today. I loved all the stories about the ridiculousness that Chip gets into {especially the baby on the four wheeler story!} and the details about each house that they have renovated/lived in. Favorite part of the book for me? The entire part about "surviving not thriving"... and all the motivation I now have to make our house into a place to thrive.

I'm also now ready to plan a trip down to Waco so I can check out Magnolia Market and that bakery!
5/5 Stars
Talking as Fast as I Can
by Lauren Graham

To be honest, I had high expectations for this book because a) Lauren Graham & b) Lauren Graham. She's one of my favorite actresses and not just because she was a lead character in two of my favorite TV shows. But the first part of this book? I couldn't keep up. It was all over the place... which is probably the logic behind the title, but still.
I finally got into the book once she started talking about the first go 'round of Gilmore Girls. And I really, really loved when I got to the part about the Gilmore Girls revival. But everything else? Not as much. If you're not a Gilmore Girls fan, you should probably skip this book in favor of something else to read.

3/5 Stars
So, if you're going to read just one of these books, go with The Magnolia Story. Both books were really good but you've got to be a pretty big Lauren Graham/Gilmore Girls fan to enjoy Talking as Fast as I Can.
Happy reading!

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  1. Awh, bummer about the second! I love GG so I'll still read it, but I hate that it didn't live up to the hype for you.

  2. I've been a reading machine lately, but I'm not a fan of memoirs usually. I love Lauren Graham though!

  3. Everyone I know who's read the Magnolia Story loved it! I need to scoop it up!

  4. you're the second person to mention the second book being hard to follow which is a bummer but I'm sure it's similar to the banter on Gilmore Girls which I love in TV form, but probably not a book, bummer! I'm listening to the audiobook of the magnolia story and loving it! Happy Friday :)

  5. Just read Magnolia Story last weekend and it was such an inspiring book! I feel like from the outside it can seem like they just had instant success but they put in so much hard work and really persevered! Too bad about the Lauren Graham book because #laurengraham. Liked the honest review though!

    Southern Style

  6. Been wanting to read both, so I'm happy to hear your review! Love Chip and Jo, so I'm glad you like that one. Maybe I'll skip Talking As Fast As I Can.


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