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Happy Friday, y'all!
Can you believe that we're unofficially in spring around South Carolina? Seems like we missed the memo around here that spring doesn't actually start until mid-March. It's going to be nearly 80 degrees & sunny today. And tomorrow. All sorts of things are blooming in our yard. The pollen craziness hasn't started yet but I'm sure it's right around the corner.
It's been awhile since there was a "currently" post around these parts, so enjoy!
All. The. Waffles.
We so shouldn't have purchased this waffle maker. Since buying it on Sunday, we've had waffles three times and I'm willing to bet that it'll be our breakfast one morning this weekend.
But we're 3 for 3 on having really, really good days after starting the morning off with waffles so why not?
Eating, Part 2
There's also been a couple of trips to Sweet Cream for ice cream this week.
Good thing I've been doing all of that running lately, right?
Just over here twiddling my thumbs & counting down the days/hours until my 30 days of no alcohol challenge is over. I may or may not already have a bottle of pinot grigio chilling in the fridge, ready to be opened next Tuesday night.

I finally caught up on the newest season of Nashville this week & y'all, I am absolutely hooked on the song "Before You" that's sung by Clay {Joseph David-Jones} on the show.
It has seriously been on repeat on my phone since I downloaded it Wednesday night.
This Is Us - this week's episode finally made me cry {the DUCKS y'all, the ducks}
Nashville - still in shock over here this morning. Anyone else?
& after reading Talking as Fast as I Can, I had to start up Parenthood again on Netflix.
... & our yard. Somehow, I didn't kill every plant that we had. There are things blooming all over the place, including the hydrangeas that we were sure I had dehydrated to death. Surprise! Still alive. I'll be venturing out in the yard this weekend to clean it up a little and to see what I can do to keep things growing this spring.

There's a lot of celebrating going on at our house this week. That's really all I can say for now but cross your fingers & send good thoughts our way over the next few weeks!
{disclaimer: NOT pregnant! It's surprising how many people texted/emailed to ask that after this Instagram post yesterday morning...}
Surprise, surprise, I have another 5K tomorrow morning. This will be the 4th Saturday in a row {!!!} and I have plans to make it 7 Saturdays in a row before I take a little {one week long} break.

Another Saturday, another 5K, & hopefully another PR.
I was so good & completely avoided the 50% off sale at JCrew Factory this week... even when they threw in free shipping with it. I'm not sure that's ever happened.

But then I came home and found this package at the front door. Did I shop & forget about it? Nope! Patrick surprised me with a top that I wanted.
There was also this really good Shutterfly deal going on with free 8x8 book deals, 50% off hard cover books, 40% off everything else... and I did some damage. What? All those wedding pictures gotta go somewhere...
We're going to Nags Head this summer for a wedding! We're booking a house with another couple for an extended weekend and I can't wait.
What should we do while we're there? Check out a lighthouse? Drive up to Corolla to see the wild horses? Wright Brothers Museum? I've already added checking out the wind powered brewery {Outer Banks Brewing} to our list but what else should we do?


Have a great weekend!


  1. I did some J.Crew damage this week as well - lol, and while I was doing it I was thinking husby would NEVER try to buy me clothes, ha! We are also new waffle iron owners. My first order of business? Chicken and waffles for dinner!! I need to post the recipe; it's a winner (chicken dinner ;)

  2. Way to go on your 30 day no drinking challenge! And I can't wait to watch This Is Us and Nashville next week! Chris has been out of town so I haven't had the chance to watch them yet!

  3. YUM now I want to make waffles this weekend :) The chilled white wine is also calling my name after work today haha. Happy Friday!

  4. I definitely think a brewery tour is in order on your (our) Outerbanks trip!!! :)

  5. Those waffles look SO good. I wish we had a waffle maker. Are you pregnant? Hehehehe.

  6. You've got me wanting waffles this week - and now ice cream - we almost went last night because it's so warm so I'm thinking tonight will be the night! The outer banks trip with friends will be such fun!

  7. That was so sweet that he surprised you! And This is Us!! This week had me ugly crying for sure!

  8. Aww that's so sweet Patrick surprised you with at top you've been wanting! And umm I'm dying over the Nashville episode last week. I didn't watch it until this weekend and what a bummer! The whole time I could tell something bad was going to happen, she was tying up all her loose ends. <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes


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