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Let's catch up.

Since the last time I blogged...
We had an ice storm.
I've worn my Bean boots to work almost every day.
I worked all day on a Wednesday, traveled to Columbia for the night, and was back at work Thursday morning.
I've watched a lot of Parenthood on Netflix.
Had an old friend in town to visit for the night.
Watched Finding Nemo with a two year old {& have had Dory's whale voice stuck in my head ever since}
My mom came to visit for a few days.
It snowed.
Then they said it would snow 10" and we got about 3-4" slushy mix instead.
& here we are.

It's been one of those weeks where I just didn't feel like writing. I wasn't in the mood to take pictures. No writing + no pictures? No blogging.


So let's get back at it...

Linking up for another Five on Friday with AprilDarciChristina, and Natasha.

Momma to the rescue! She came up Monday afternoon and immediately made life better. We went to the grocery store and she bought tulips, ingredients for potato soup, and two bottles of wine.

Sometimes all you need are flowers, delicious food, wine, and your momma.

SNOW! Part 1 at least. It wasn't a lot but it sure was pretty when it was falling.

& more SNOW! Part 2. So much for the 8-10" that they were predicting around here.

Bought this little guy online from Swoozie's this week using their 20% off coupon code {HAPPY14}. We received a few of these last year as gifts from a friend and they're perfect for the beach.

 It may be snowing outside but I am beyond ready to stick this in the sand next to my chair out on the beach on a 95 degree, sunny day this summer.. preferably with one of my favorite beach drinks in a coozie sitting inside of it.

See this guy here?

The one who has patiently listened to me talk about running for the last two years. The one who is in charge of the camera when I'm running. The one who cheered me on at my first 8K. The one who made me that awesome sign for my first half marathon.

Yep, this guy.

He signed up yesterday to run a 5K with me in May!

Can't. Wait.

Last {but definitely not least} it's finally here. After 54 weeks of waiting.


If you're looking for me this weekend, you know where to find me!


Happy Friday! Here's to no more snow and more springlike weather next week. I want to stick my toes in the sand, not in my Bean boots.
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