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Weekending in the Sunshine

The very first thing that I did Sunday morning after getting out of bed was to throw open both of the windows in my bedroom. It isn't all that often that you get 70+ degree days in Charlotte in February and I had every intention of taking full advantage of that fact.

Patrick and I started out with the windows and porch door open while making pancakes, sausage, and eggs for breakfast with a little shag music going on in the background. Can't beat The Temptations on a Sunday morning!

We headed uptown to the Charlotte Boat Show around lunchtime to dream about all the things we'd buy if we had the money to do so. Boat shows usually consist of Patrick talking boat details with the salesmen and me testing out the sunbathing capabilities of the boat.

I pretend that I go for Patrick but in all honesty, I think I have just as much fun looking at all of the boats as he does.

The more ridiculous the boat? The more I love it.

I mean, seriously, do you really need a bar on your boat that has a place for you to hang your purse? No. Do I want it? Absolutely.

After the boat show, we wandered around uptown towards Mellow Mushroom for lunch.

Wanna know what's right next to the Mellow Mushroom?

Romare Bearden Park! It's only my favorite place in all of uptown Charlotte.

We found a sunny patch of grass on the far edge of the park by the BB&T Ballpark and laid down to soak up the sun. I have no idea how long we laid there but I could have laid there for a lot longer.

Everyone else in Charlotte seemed to have the same idea: get outside and enjoy the beautiful, un-February-like weather. So many people were outside throwing frisbees, playing soccer, taking naps, riding bikes, running, etc. It was great people watching. My favorite people are the two people with their bikes, a blanket, and a bottle of wine... my kind of afternoon!

After Patrick left, I decided to keep taking advantage of the perfect weather.

My apartment complex has bikes that you can check out so I borrowed one for the afternoon. A short ride turned into an hour and half, thirteen mile bike ride. I'm telling you, the weather was way too perfect to waste inside. You had to be outside yesterday.

I ended my day the same way I started it... bedroom windows open, porch door open, thoroughly enjoying the warmth.


  1. OMG your weather - straight up jealous over here!! I haven't been to a boat show in years, but they are always so much fun!! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  2. ahhh so jealous. it was 55 here on saturday and you would have thought it was 70 - windows and doors opened, i went for an 8 mile run wearing a tshirt and capris.. it was beautiful. i love that you can rent bikes from your apartment complex, so fancy!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend! The weather here was A-MAZing too. I sat out on the patio for a couple of hours yesterday just trying to get a hint of sun...but I'm not seeing any results today. :( Hoping this nice weather stays through the week!

  4. Wasn't Sunday beautiful?! Can every day please be like that!? lol Hope you have a fantastic week!

  5. So jealous of that weather and can't wait for Spring to come! My husband and I are buying new bikes with some of our tax return and I can't wait to get out and explore our new city :)

    Glad you had such a great weekend!

  6. It looks like you had amazing weather this weekend! And jealous of that boat show! I'll take one of each please! :) Seriously though, some of those boats look amazing! Have a great week girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. your brunch looks amazing. and my old roommates were at that boat show. how cool!! i'll take one please!

  8. Looks like you guys had a pretty sweet Sunday! That's awesome that your apt. has bikes to take out for free- I've done the renters uptown and it's a workout for sure (or maybe I'm just rusty haha). And those boats are amazing!! xo

  9. I am so jealous of all of you bloggers who live in Charlotte! Enjoy that beautiful weather -- us northerners were getting another few inches of snow dumped on us! Something tells me that I need to get south ASAP!


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