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This is basically a confession session.

You know. Owning all of the crazy things I may or may not do; the secrets I may or may not have been hiding from y'all.

Ready? Let's go!

I'm terrible about cleaning the dishes in the sink.
I love to play in the water like a five year old once I actually start washing the dishes, but it's the getting started part that is the hardest. This is exactly what my sink looked like when I got home from work yesterday:

I run the dryer a least 5 times before taking my clothes out and putting them away.
Nah. They can't possibly be dry yet. I bet they're still too wrinkly. I definitely don't have time to put those away now... so let me just turn the dryer back on for another half hour and maybe I'll have some time then.

Once I find something I like, it goes on repeat.
Find a new recipe? I'll make enough to eat it all week and then make it again as soon as I run out of leftovers. Like those Baked Zucchini Chips from earlier this week.
Find a new piece of clothing I like? I'll wear it for any and every occasion. Like those Clemson Paw t-shirts that I wear for every single 5K.

I would rather watch a TV series than a movie.
The same thing goes for books - I would much rather read a series where I don't get abandoned by the characters after a short amount of time. I'll also re-watch/reread these same series over and over and over again. I can't even tell you the number of times that I've read the whole Harry Potter series or watched Gilmore Girls from start to finish.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Tervis.
It started because I dropped my phone in a cup of water that was in my cup holder in my car. Now it's almost the only thing I'll drink out of.

I might text you & tell you "I'm on the way!" but I'm more than likely not even in the car.
I mean, I'm technically on the way to being on the way, so that counts, right?

I won't drink anything but water when I'm eating.
Granted, I don't drink that much outside of water anyway but I'm not one that likes to have a glass of wine or a beer with dinner. I'd rather drink water while I'm eating and then move on to something else like that after I'm finished.

My closet is organized by ROYGBIV.
I think this started in high school? T-Shirts are all organized together by ROYGBIV and then nicer shirts are organized together the same way. But I don't separate between short sleeve/long sleeve.

I set at least 10 alarms every night.
I used to sleep through my alarm all the time, or wake up & turn it off in my sleep. So now I set at least 10. I probably hit snooze a dozen times and wake up about an hour after the first alarm starts going off.

I'm moving from Charlotte to Columbia in two weeks... and I'm really kind of excited about it.
Wait. What?


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