30 April 2015

Owning It: A Confession of Sorts

This is basically a confession session.

You know. Owning all of the crazy things I may or may not do; the secrets I may or may not have been hiding from y'all.

Ready? Let's go!

I'm terrible about cleaning the dishes in the sink.
I love to play in the water like a five year old once I actually start washing the dishes, but it's the getting started part that is the hardest. This is exactly what my sink looked like when I got home from work yesterday:

I run the dryer a least 5 times before taking my clothes out and putting them away.
Nah. They can't possibly be dry yet. I bet they're still too wrinkly. I definitely don't have time to put those away now... so let me just turn the dryer back on for another half hour and maybe I'll have some time then.

Once I find something I like, it goes on repeat.
Find a new recipe? I'll make enough to eat it all week and then make it again as soon as I run out of leftovers. Like those Baked Zucchini Chips from earlier this week.
Find a new piece of clothing I like? I'll wear it for any and every occasion. Like those Clemson Paw t-shirts that I wear for every single 5K.

I would rather watch a TV series than a movie.
The same thing goes for books - I would much rather read a series where I don't get abandoned by the characters after a short amount of time. I'll also re-watch/reread these same series over and over and over again. I can't even tell you the number of times that I've read the whole Harry Potter series or watched Gilmore Girls from start to finish.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Tervis.
It started because I dropped my phone in a cup of water that was in my cup holder in my car. Now it's almost the only thing I'll drink out of.

I might text you & tell you "I'm on the way!" but I'm more than likely not even in the car.
I mean, I'm technically on the way to being on the way, so that counts, right?

I won't drink anything but water when I'm eating.
Granted, I don't drink that much outside of water anyway but I'm not one that likes to have a glass of wine or a beer with dinner. I'd rather drink water while I'm eating and then move on to something else like that after I'm finished.

My closet is organized by ROYGBIV.
I think this started in high school? T-Shirts are all organized together by ROYGBIV and then nicer shirts are organized together the same way. But I don't separate between short sleeve/long sleeve.

I set at least 10 alarms every night.
I used to sleep through my alarm all the time, or wake up & turn it off in my sleep. So now I set at least 10. I probably hit snooze a dozen times and wake up about an hour after the first alarm starts going off.

I'm moving from Charlotte to Columbia in two weeks... and I'm really kind of excited about it.
Wait. What?


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28 April 2015

Recipe: Baked Zucchini Chips

Zucchini might be my favorite vegetable ever.

I'll eat it just about any way that you want to prepare it. Fried zucchini chips dipped in marinara sauce? Yum. Grilled zucchini? Even better. Zucchini in a fajita? Oh, yeah.

And it's that time of year now where zucchini is everywhere you look, which means that it's time for another zucchini recipe on the blog.

My mom actually found this recipe for us to try this past weekend at the beach. It's a quick, simple one that was easy to throw together after we came in from the beach and before we went down to the boardwalk for our sunset drinks. Added bonus: it was freakin' delicious.

Baked Zucchini Chips
{original recipe can be found here}

Garlic Powder
Parmesan Cheese

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees and line a baking sheet with foil.
2. Slice up zucchini into thin slices & arrange on your baking sheet {ok for these to be super close/overlap a little}
3. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese.
4. Bake for 15 minutes or until cheese turns golden brown.
5. Enjoy!

One thing that we will change for the next time that we make these is that we would put these a lot closer together on the baking sheet and put a lot more on the baking sheet. They shrink up a lot when they cook and they were so good that we wished we had another pan full of them.

We served ours with grilled chicken {olive oil, salt, & pepper} and grilled bread {olive oil & garlic powder}, all of which added up to a perfect springtime dinner. My dad and I switched places while we were cooking dinner Friday night: I played grill master while he played photographer for a little bit.

He managed to catch this gem so I think I'll let him play photographer again.

27 April 2015

Weekending Away on Kiawah

Anybody tired of me talking about weekends on Kiawah? Or my endless string of 3 day weekends?

If it makes y’all feel any better, I’m pretty sure the 3 day weekends are coming to end and I won’t be back in Kiawah until Memorial Day Weekend. Insert sad face here, right?

At least it was another really fantastic weekend on my favorite island. If I could wake up here every morning… I’d be pretty happy.

We were determined to do as much as possible on Friday since it was 100% chance of nasty weather on Saturday. So that meant waking up early for a run, hitting up the gym, and then biking the day away. Oh, and a little gator stalking.

One of my favorite houses on the island is out in an area called Rhett’s Bluff. We biked by it at just the right time of day and it looked so gorgeous with all of the sunlight streaming through the moss covered trees.

There weren’t many big poppa gators this weekend, but there were tons of babies out. Looks like all of last year’s babies are now about a year old and just a little bit bigger than they were last year. Can you spot the baby one in this picture?

Friday night, I showed of my grilling skills as we grilled chicken & bread and had a side of zucchini for dinner {zucchini recipe coming tomorrow!}

Saturday morning, it poured, so we made pancakes.

Wanna know what I did for the rest of the morning? Sat in my favorite chair right in front of the window, worked on some blogging things {stay tuned this week – fun posts coming your way!}, and stalked the creatures in the lagoon.

Eventually, the rain cleared out and we attending the Kiawah Property Owners’ party at the Sandcastle. They had an open bar and a band, so naturally, some dancing had to happen before the night was over. Aren’t my parents cute?

Sunday was a 13 mile bike ride followed up with several hours on the beach with Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. I forget how much I love these books until I break them out to reread the series again.

Anyway… another three day weekend in the books and another Monday that has come too soon yet again. Here’s to Monday & all the craziness that it’s sure to hold.

22 April 2015

Post Governor's Village 5K

Another race down, another PR set!

That's right.

The nasty, humid weather and rolling hills couldn't stop me this week. I may have thought 100 different times during the race about how much I dislike running and I was going to be ok with a terrible time and how I was never going to run another warm weather race again but I ended up with another PR.

I'm ok with that.

The biggest thing about this race is that it was full of people who didn't run on a regular basis. I kept getting passed by the same people the entire race. While I was working on maintaining a steady pace throughout the race, there were some people who would sprint their little hearts out and then slow down to a walk. I'd pass them and then they would come sprinting past me a minute later. This repeated over and over throughout the entire race.

Did I mention that the last mile of the race was all up a slow, gradual hill? Yeah. That was fun.

I didn't get under 29 minutes like I wanted to, but I was so close! I rounded the corner to the finish line in the parking lot and saw the clock reading 28:52. Seriously? I sprinted as fast as I could towards the finish line but crossed at 29:07 {29:05 chip time}.

As always, I was more concerned about my watch than where I was going once I hit the finish line.

Final Results
Time - 29:05
Pace - 9:21/mile
Age Group - 11/37
Overall - 118/481

20 April 2015

Weekending: The Charlotte Edition

3 Day Weekend #2 is in the books and y'all, it was a really good one even if it did rain almost the entire time.

Thursday was all about kicking off the end of tax season celebration with Patrick. A little shopping and drinking at 201 Central with dinner at Hawthorne's {best Blackened Chicken Penne ala Vodka ever} and Scandal {which we're not even going to talk about - ugh}

Friday was all about the shopping. We never made it to the Farmers Market {because going in the rain isn't worth it} but we did a little outlet shopping at Concord Mills. I got a fantastic new pair of shoes that I proceeded to hike around in Friday night and get some blisters on both of my little toes.

We ventured out to Food Truck Friday and got there early enough to where there were almost no lines - score! It was also early enough where everything was still available on Papi Queso's menu which meant I was able to add something extra to my Big Cheesy this go around.

Cute shoes, right? My little toes haven't forgiven me yet for buying them.

Amazing grilled cheese, enhanced by adding thick cut bacon to it. It was out of this world delicious.

Our only brewery stop of the whole weekend was Friday night at Unknown Brewing.

We were more interested in the arcade games than the actual drinking though... uh, hello Street Fighter! I was hooked.

Saturday morning, I kicked some butt at my 5K race. More coming on that tomorrow!

There was a little bike shopping, a little frozen yogurt, and a little napping before heading uptown for the Charlotte Knight's game.

Before the game though we headed to the French Quarter to grab a couple of drinks.

Check out that skyline, y'all! I never get tired of that view or taking pictures of it. And as always, the baseball game was a lot of fun. Sure, I might pay more attention to the social aspect of the game rather than the actual game but it's still a great time. I ran into a few old friends that I hadn't seen recently either which was a good surprise.

We might have been the last people to leave.

Seriously though, this skyline.

But, then Sunday came.

We had a failed attempt at a hashbrown casserole {the amount of grease on top of this thing was out of control}, it poured down rain all day, and you know... it was Sunday. Nobody likes to see their weekend end.


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17 April 2015

A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday: All Things Charlotte

I haven't been this excited about a weekend in Charlotte since... well, ever.

It's the end of tax season {HOORAY!}, so Patrick and I are taking a long three day weekend {anybody sensing a theme here lately?} in the Queen City and doing all sorts of Charlotte activities. I'm determined to squeeze in as many as possible so I hope that the weather cooperates.

See something missing from my list that you think we should be doing this weekend? Let me know!

Having a Friday off and staying in Charlotte can only mean one thing: morning trip to my favorite little farmer's market!

Friday + Charlotte also equals Food Truck Friday.

Hello, Papi Queso, I'm coming for you.

Would it be the weekend if I didn't visit a brewery or two? Nope. The real question is going to be which brewery will we end up going to?

Unknown? Sycamore? OMB? Sugar Creek? Somewhere in NoDa? Too many choices, y'all.

It's baseball season, so naturally, a Charlotte Knights game is a must. The season just started last week so this will be my first chance to go to a game since last summer. Patrick hasn't been to one so I can't wait to take him to his first game!

And shopping! Or brunching. Or Crowder's Mountain? Or the White Water Center. Oh! Maybe even an afternoon by the pool? Or perhaps a stop by the Super Target to check out the new Lilly collection? Clearly I have entirely too many options and not enough decisiveness. But I am excited to be exploring the city with this guy.


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