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Weekending Away on Kiawah

Anybody tired of me talking about weekends on Kiawah? Or my endless string of 3 day weekends?

If it makes y’all feel any better, I’m pretty sure the 3 day weekends are coming to end and I won’t be back in Kiawah until Memorial Day Weekend. Insert sad face here, right?

At least it was another really fantastic weekend on my favorite island. If I could wake up here every morning… I’d be pretty happy.

We were determined to do as much as possible on Friday since it was 100% chance of nasty weather on Saturday. So that meant waking up early for a run, hitting up the gym, and then biking the day away. Oh, and a little gator stalking.

One of my favorite houses on the island is out in an area called Rhett’s Bluff. We biked by it at just the right time of day and it looked so gorgeous with all of the sunlight streaming through the moss covered trees.

There weren’t many big poppa gators this weekend, but there were tons of babies out. Looks like all of last year’s babies are now about a year old and just a little bit bigger than they were last year. Can you spot the baby one in this picture?

Friday night, I showed of my grilling skills as we grilled chicken & bread and had a side of zucchini for dinner {zucchini recipe coming tomorrow!}

Saturday morning, it poured, so we made pancakes.

Wanna know what I did for the rest of the morning? Sat in my favorite chair right in front of the window, worked on some blogging things {stay tuned this week – fun posts coming your way!}, and stalked the creatures in the lagoon.

Eventually, the rain cleared out and we attending the Kiawah Property Owners’ party at the Sandcastle. They had an open bar and a band, so naturally, some dancing had to happen before the night was over. Aren’t my parents cute?

Sunday was a 13 mile bike ride followed up with several hours on the beach with Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. I forget how much I love these books until I break them out to reread the series again.

Anyway… another three day weekend in the books and another Monday that has come too soon yet again. Here’s to Monday & all the craziness that it’s sure to hold.


  1. New blog design or am I way behind? Oh Barbara and Mike...too cute for words! Love your obsession with HP!

  2. AWESOME weekend!! I need to put all of your Kiawah posts together so I can get a list of all the super fun little things you do down there!!

  3. i need to spend my weekends with you. sigh. i can't remember the last 3 day weekend i had! lame!

  4. Oh so jealous of your beautiful vaycay spot and 3 weekend get aways. Can't wait till summer hits and I can spend more time down on the coast.

  5. What a gorgeous weekend! I love being active at the beach and sneaking in some workout with some nature. Looks like you had a great time!


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