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The Eighth Easter

It's good to know that after eight years of taking these pictures that I can still wrangle everyone into taking another one. Some of us have even learned that sunglasses are the key to surviving these pictures.

This makes Easter number... 6? Yup, 6th Easter together and 6th picture we've taken together in front of this cross.

Once we were back home, I realized that I had forgotten my tripod and I didn't feel like trying to set the camera up on something/trying to do the self timer either. So we have a lot of two people pictures from Sunday after church.

I'm interrupting this post to brag on my dad a little bit {hey dad!}

We joke around that my dad likes to get involved in things now that he's retired. For the last however long, he's been involved with the sanctuary renovations going on at my family's church. He was up at the church constantly checking on the construction, making sure things were going well, and whatever else it is you do when there's a renovation going on.

I don't have a before picture, but here's a quick after snap from Sunday:

Leaky skylights gone, new stone wall at the back, a ramp off to the side to make life easier for people who aren't a fan of stairs, new carpeting, new cushions on the pews, and probably a whole lot of other things I'm forgetting.

He received a standing ovation on Palm Sunday for all of the work that he did and someone got an Easter lily in his honor {& the rest of the renovation team's honor} for the renovation awesomeness.

Ok. Back to regular programming!

I hope that everyone had a great Easter! I sure did. I'm still enjoying the leftovers... I knew bringing home a little mini cooler last weekend was going to pay off.


  1. I love getting a huge family shot on holidays too! Along with all the little "smaller shots." Everyone is always like "why do we have to do this, what are you even going to do with these?" But they are so nice to just have.

  2. Absolutely love your Easter dress! So pretty! And getting together with your family for any holiday is always awesome! I miss getting to see my family during the holidays now! Glad you had a great Easter!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. The sunglasses is a great trick, that way if someone was blinking it didn't ruin the entire picture!! I loved your dress! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Love your bright, colorful Easter dress! Super cute!

  5. Your Easter dress is beautiful...I love the print! Glad you had such great family time this weekend :)

  6. Happy Easter! Looks like you had a great one. Time flies! I can't believe Easter has passed!

  7. So fun, love all the family pictures! Obsessed with your dress.

  8. How sweet to brag on your dad like that! What a wonderful way he can contribute... and I also LOVE that dress :)

  9. Everyone looks so beautiful! Love your dress!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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