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Post Governor's Village 5K

Another race down, another PR set!

That's right.

The nasty, humid weather and rolling hills couldn't stop me this week. I may have thought 100 different times during the race about how much I dislike running and I was going to be ok with a terrible time and how I was never going to run another warm weather race again but I ended up with another PR.

I'm ok with that.

The biggest thing about this race is that it was full of people who didn't run on a regular basis. I kept getting passed by the same people the entire race. While I was working on maintaining a steady pace throughout the race, there were some people who would sprint their little hearts out and then slow down to a walk. I'd pass them and then they would come sprinting past me a minute later. This repeated over and over throughout the entire race.

Did I mention that the last mile of the race was all up a slow, gradual hill? Yeah. That was fun.

I didn't get under 29 minutes like I wanted to, but I was so close! I rounded the corner to the finish line in the parking lot and saw the clock reading 28:52. Seriously? I sprinted as fast as I could towards the finish line but crossed at 29:07 {29:05 chip time}.

As always, I was more concerned about my watch than where I was going once I hit the finish line.

Final Results
Time - 29:05
Pace - 9:21/mile
Age Group - 11/37
Overall - 118/481


  1. Awesome job girl and you did really well against all the people too!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Running is one thing, running in humidity is another! Way to go on another great race, lady!

  3. Congrats on the new PR! Let me tell you- the sprint/walkers are my arch nemesis in races. I know they are getting a great workout in, but it makes me CRAZY to see someone pass me time and time again!

  4. Dangggg! Get it girl! Congrats on the new PR and so proud of you for braving the humid weather and rolling hills and tackling that race!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. i love this - i love looking at people's photos when they cross the finish line. i never used to look at my watch (because i never had one, i used an app or nothing at all) but now i do!


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