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Eggs + Crayons + Dye

Somehow I managed to convince Patrick that we needed to dye Easter eggs this year.

This is our 6th Easter together and we have never, not once, dyed eggs. But for one reason or another I felt like it was something that we had to do this year.

So we bought our kit, eggs, and crayons and got to work Sunday after church.

I take my egg dyeing seriously.

Although after about the 3rd egg, I was over it.

Patrick suggested that I make an egg with a white tiger paw on it... do you know how difficult it is to draw on a white egg with a white tiger paw? So difficult that I completely forgot how to spell the world "tiger" and once I took the egg out of the dye, I realized my mistake. Gotta have an "e" in there.

My favorite eggs are the ones where we decided to put some olive oil in the dye. The oil sticks to parts of the egg when you drop it in and protects it from changing colors. Take the egg out, wipe it off with a paper towel, and drop into a different color. We did our last three eggs that way since they were already cracked from the boiling process.

PS - the chevron eggs?

Not mine!


  1. I haven't done Easter eggs in forever but now I want to! These turned out so cute! I love that polka dot one and the Clemson paw print ;)

  2. Yes!!! We're doing this, this weekend too!! You're never too old for dying Easter eggs!

  3. So fun! I haven't dyed eyes in ages but I might have to now. I totally forgot you could draw designs with crayons first.

  4. How cute!! I remember dying eggs back in the day.. and love the little Clemson paws!


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