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Pre-Bunny Hop 5K

This 5K might get the award for the most ridiculous name.

I get that it's Easter, but do you have to call it the Bunny Hop 5K?


This is the first 5K that I've run in since the beginning of last December when I ran the ACC 5K with Hannah & Josh. It's also the first 5K that I'll be running with my friend Amy.

We go way back... to high school. She's one of the few people that I've kept in touch with since graduation and I'm excited to see her again! Plus, if you knew either one of us a decade ago, you knew we were not runners. I'm still claiming to not be one. Kidding. Maybe.

She let me know that she was coming home for Easter this year and I replied with a "Run a 5K with me Easter weekend!!!!!!" and two minutes later, she was registered to run the race with me.

I'm hoping that the weather holds out and we get one of those perfect running mornings: cool, cloudy, and not rainy.

This starts a quick little 5K spree for me with one this weekend, one on 4/18, and one on 5/9. By then it'll be time to put up the running shoes until temperatures and humidity levels drop back down in the fall. Unless I get talked into running another race on the 4th of July... which will probably happen.

But for real, no more of this running in hot, humid weather. It isn't for me!

Here's the playlist for this weekend:

I've finally stopped running to just 1989 {but I couldn't take it out of the playlist completely!}

This is the kind of run I'm hoping for on Saturday:

Guess we'll see what happens!


  1. Haha the bunny hop. At least they were being festive when they named it! It’ll be so much more fun now that your friend is running with you! Lots of luck!

  2. you look like a baby in that first pic!! haha but so do i from HS pictures. and i could run to 1989 alllll dayyyy longggggg!

  3. Good luck with your race! I always love seeing what people put on their playlists to run/workout.

  4. Fun that you're running with an old friend! Good luck! And Happy Easter!

  5. good luck with your bunny hop! hahahaha love the name.

  6. Good luck! I love that there is a race around the holiday- turkey trots are such a good time to get the whole family out... Maybe more of these will hop (sorry had to) up


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