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I am totally stealing this idea from Biana, but when I saw it on her blog yesterday, I knew that I wanted to do the exact same thing for my last blog post of 2014.

2014 has been pretty great and the wonderful thing about blogging is that I can look back on the year and know what I did and relive it all over again. So let's relive it! ... well, at least the Top 14 Moments:

Drinking wine to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Wine, a bunch of friends, and a great cause? Yes, please.

I was able to see two of my very good friends a lot more this year than the last couple of year's. There was a color run, a beach trip, a few Clemson tailgates, a tour of downtown North Augusta, and a lake weekend... and hopefully it continues in 2015!

Running in the Governor's Cup 8K. Not only was it my first 8K, but it was {briefly} my favorite race ever. It's still my favorite 8K ever if that counts for anything.

I had one of those moments this summer where everything was great and perfect and couldn't possibly get any better {unless, of course, I was able to see a sea turtle come up out of the ocean to lay her eggs while we were all sitting up on the boardwalk checking out the Super Moon}.

And then a sea turtle came up out of the ocean to lay her eggs.


Our two person, 1 brewery bar crawl this summer for my birthday.

I knocked three cities off of my list of places that I've always wanted to go. Savannah, Nashville, and Asheville. The only problem now is that I want to go back to all three cities but I still have so many more that I need to make it to a first time. Up next for 2015? Cities like Louisville, KY and Columbia, MO.

I built a table. Well, Patrick helped {a lot} but I did quite a bit of work too!

finally moved out of my old apartment into a brand new apartment that I absolutely adore.

It isn't even fair to compare them side by side.

We had an epic wedding weekend at Kiawah when a family friend's son got married there back in May. There was a lot of beach time, quite a few alligators, and some {not so fantastic} dancing.

A weekend in Charleston to celebrate my two friends, Laurel & Steven, finally tying the knot.

Patrick took me to Asheville to see The Biltmore at Christmas! We also checked out the Grove Park Inn and a couple of breweries. It was a perfect weekend-long date.

Eleven days in Kiawah. My vacation this year worked out wonderfully and I was able to spend the 4th of July + the entire week after + one extra day in Kiawah this summer. Do you know how hard it was to leave at the end of that? I won't be doing that again this summer though :(

Clemson beat USC for the first time in foooooorever in football and I was there to see it in person. Any other year, this would have taken the top spot because of how fantastic it was.


Y'all all knew that was going to be the top moment from 2014.


I hope that everyone has a happy & safe New Year!
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