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The Kiawah Half Marathon {Part Four}

I made a big deal out of this half marathon and I know it.

Will I make a big deal out of every half marathon I run? Probably.

Once we woke up from our much needed naps, Hannah, Jessie, and I headed down to the beach for a little post-half marathon photo shoot to remember the weekend by.

Want to know what you shouldn't do after running 13.1 miles? Squat.

It's really difficult and painful when you stand back up!

We decided that we needed to have a celebratory drink on the beach. Well, since I'm such a picky drinker, we ended up with little mini bottles of Disaronno amaretto and some sour mix.

After our beach photo shoot and celebratory drinks, it was time for the party back at the house.

The sausage dip was calling my name. I hung out right to it for the majority of the night until it was gone {which wasn't that long}.

We had five runners at the party which, naturally, meant we needed to have another photo shoot.

... and a girls only dance party.

No celebration would be complete without presents, either. Patrick and I won't get to see each other at Christmas this year, so we decided to exchange presents ahead of time. The original present from Patrick was the trip to Asheville and The Biltmore back in November... but apparently there was a part two I didn't know about.

Present #1: Goose Island 312 {my favorite beer} in cans {perfect for the glass-free Kiawah beaches} that are impossible to find anywhere except for at Total Wine in Columbia

Present #2: another 312 pack!

Present #3: are y'all sensing a pattern yet?!

He's crazy.

More {non-312} presents...

See my wrapping paper? Amazon boxes do the trick every single time.

Patrick started laughing when he got to the 2nd item in his Amazon box, a Bose Soundlink Mini. He'd had his eye on this thing since the USC/UGA game back in September when one of our friends brought it out to the tailgate. I didn't understand why the present was so funny though...

He handed me another present after he opened that one and you know what? It was basically the same thing, except mine is a speaker that can be used out on the beach because it's water/sand proof. I think we hang out together too much.

Perfect race weekend.

Perfect celebration.

Yes, I've signed up for the Kiawah Half Marathon on December 12, 2015 :)


  1. Congrats on your half girl. I completely agree that celebrations should continue as long as you want you deserve it! Oh I love amaretto sours. I haven't had one in years but may be ordering one next time we go out! Love your beach photo shoot!

  2. who takes all these candid pics for you?? they are my favorite!!! and mmmmm sausage dip.

  3. that's adorable you got such similar gifts. and i LOVE the beach photoshoot.

  4. Love all of the celebration pics...the dance party might be my favorites! Great minds think alike on the gifts, huh?!!?

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