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Post ACC Fan 5K

It's been exactly one year, six months, and 3 days since I ran my first 5K.

Since then, I have run: 
15 5Ks
2 8Ks
1 10K

{I think I need to finally get around to making something to display all of this, what do you think??}

Some have been miserable hot & humid, some have been in 20 degree weather, some have been in completely ideal conditions. The weather has never stopped me from running.

But 40 degree rain one week before my half marathon? Yeah. That came really close to stopping me from running this weekend.

Don't worry.

It didn't!


& I did a whole lot better at slowing it down for the race and not overextending myself.

I was also able to run with Hannah again! We haven't been able to run together since the end of October {right at the end of daylight savings time} so it was awesome to have my running buddy back again. It was even better to see my running buddy officially run a 5K from start to finish and finish it in under 30 minutes!

Yay! She celebrated by dancing with the mascots :)

Once again, I had to take a picture with every single mascot there.

& Josh got the only picture he wanted, with Mr. Wolf, for his birthday.

All in all, it was a great race.

Total Time: 30:00
Mile Pace: 9:39/mile
Overall Finish: 258/512
Gender Finish: 84/253
Age Group Finish: 14/43

Plus, I got a sweet new Clemson shirt {because we all know I needed another Clemson shirt with a Clemson paw on it...}

... FIVE days until the Kiawah Half! Who's getting nervous? ... this girl!


  1. love it!!! Love that you gave some love to Cav man too!! Go girl!

  2. Wow girl that is a ton of races this year! I hope to do more 5ks next year as well!! Good luck on your half you are going to rock it!

  3. what a fun race! i love all the mascots. 5 days?! you're gonna be awesome.

  4. Gosh, girl - this is awesome! Good for you!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. go girl!!!!! question - how many times a week do you usually run? and for how long? i'm not one to run 5K's or anything - i like to work out alone. but just curious how you started building stamina to it.

  6. That looks like such a fun race!!! You finished 14th in your age bracket - that's fantastic!

  7. Amazing!!!! Every time I see running posts it totally inspires me to get back into it!

  8. Sans the ick-tastic weather, this seems like a really fun race (if I thought it was possible for a race to be fun!). Love that you got a pic with every mascot! Just a few days before the big one...I know you'll do great!


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