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Post South Park Turkey Trot 8K

There are ten days until the Kiawah Half Marathon.


Holy cow.

I'm on the edge of a full scale freak out right now about the half but let's back up a minute. I ran an 8K on Thanksgiving morning that needs to be recapped before I start talking about this half marathon nonsense.

The good: I got to see Jessie for the first time since she moved at the beginning of the summer!

The bad: I changed my mind at the last minute & threw on a long sleeve shirt just before the race. I regretted that decision after less than a minute of running.

The good: there were tons of people running!

The bad: there were tons of people running.

The good: everyone gets a medal!

The bad: the course had hills. Gross.

The good: I ran the full 5 miles without stopping! {Yes, still an accomplishment for me}

The bad: I ran too fast.

I was supposed to be "tapering down" since the half is so close and I had meant to just go out and run an easy 5 miles. But... I don't keep track of my pace during a race {just distance} and I went a little faster than I planned.

Hello, new 8K PR!

Personally, I blame 1989 for being a fantastic album for listening to while running. Either way, I ran way too fast but I'm happy to have a new PR.

I love running on Thanksgiving morning. Am I allowed to call it a tradition yet if I've only done it two years in a row? Either way, it's my thing to do, and I enjoy it. Both times I have run this race {I did the 5K last year}, I have set PRs, so it's safe to say that this course and I get along very well.

Ok, have we discussed the 8K enough? I'm ready to move on to my next race! ... which isn't the Kiawah Half. I've signed up for the ACC 5K this Saturday morning to squeeze in one last race before the big day. This race I WILL be tapering down and taking slow. I signed up for this one mainly because I had so much fun before/after last year's race.

Well, that & the t-shirt. The t-shirts are always the best part.


  1. Good job on the new PR! And yes, I love running to 1989! Such a good album to run to! I've never done a Turkey Trot but I think I need to. It would make me feel better about everything I eat on Thanksgiving!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I love the idea of running to 1989!! I've always wanted to run a race on Thanksgiving morning but have yet to be at home for one, haha. There is always next year! Good luck with the half. :)

  3. What were your thoughts on the actual race? I was disappointed...5k course was short, walkers started in the front, and the merging of the two races at the end was awful. The top 100 runners of the 5k ended up caught behind slower 8k runners for the last half mile. Complaining over....

    Congrats on the PR! I would've set one as well has the course been the right distance :)

  4. Congrats on the new PR! And yes, you can definitely count it as a tradition since you've done it more than once! :)

  5. Dang girl, you are killing it with these races. I'm sure you will rock that half-marathon… more power to ya!!

  6. you are so a runner. congrats!! and can't wait to hear about the half!!

  7. I am a VERY newbie blogger who is trying to spread the Liebster Award love. I am a fan of your blog who frequently reads your posts and may even be inspired to start running! Feel free to keep the chain going but at the very least just know that your blog is appreciated and somebody thinks that what you're doing is pretty great.


  8. you are a race machine! hills do suck, but yay tshirts and medals!!


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