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Where Did Football Season Go?

7 home Clemson games.

10 Clemson victories.

Too many tailgate memories and bottles of wine to count.

1 huge win over USC

& an outstanding bowl win over Oklahoma last night!

Football season is over {for Clemson at least} and I'm a little bit sad that there aren't any games to attend until next September. Is it bad that I already know I'll be attending the USC/UNC game the first Thursday {because it's in Charlotte!} and then heading off to Clemson to watch them play App State? To me, it's nice to know what my fall looks like in advance.

Fall is so much easier to plan once the football schedules are released.

I tried today to layout what my weekends look like for the next couple of months and there are so many question marks. It's weird to have freedom on the weekends with no football games or tailgates to attend, but I also kind of love it. It's great to not have my weekend plans dictated by college football.

... I say that, but I already am planning more things this week based on the CFB playoff games on Thursday and the Panthers game this weekend... old habits die hard, right?

Here's to another 10 win season, a healthy Deshaun Watson, and a fantastic 2015 season!


  1. You almost single handedly get me excited for college football!! Also, your outfits for game days are always so amazing!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. My fiancé went to Clemson so I loved seeing y’all dominate over OU last night! I always miss football season when spring comes.

  3. I came SO close to going to the Clemson game last night since it was right down the road from where I live! I ended up driving by during the game though! Glad you guys won! And I agree, I'm so sad football season is over already but I'm looking forward to next season already!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I hate the end of football season. Football season means friends and family and being together, and of course the excitement of the game itself. The countdown to next season has begun!

  5. I love all your tailgating outfits! And congratulations on Clemson's bowl win! xo

  6. I thought of you last night when I saw the score...HUGE win (or blow out!). Congrats to your tigers!

  7. wow that went by so fast :) i don't really follow college football - or lets be real, NFL either - but you always look like you have so much fun tailgating lol

  8. Awesome football season for yall! It always goes by way too fast!!


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