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College Football: Week 14

& all is right in the world again.

It had been 2,191 days {6 years} since the last time Clemson was able to beat Carolina in football. 2,191 very, very, very long days.


What a great score. What a great game. What a great day!

Sparse tailgate for a noon game.

Want to know what's worse than a noon game? Tailgating in 26 degree weather when you prepared for 50ish degree weather.

Laurel's the official Tiger Paw girl.

The people behind us had a prettttty awesome tailgate set up.

Normal pictures with these two are hard to come by.

Yes, that's a rubber chicken necklace. It's a necessary accessory for this game every year.

This was our 6th Clemson/Carolina game. For those of you keeping count at home, that means that Carolina had won every game of our relationship up until this past Saturday.

Game Time!

Because Clemson has 30+ seniors this year, we did our Senior Day a week early. We wanted to give our seniors as much recognition as possible without the distraction of this game. Well... the underclassmen players thought the seniors deserved to be recognized one more time & they all waited at the bottom of the hill to watch the seniors make their final run down.

Deshaun Watson back in action! ... on one leg because he had a torn ACL. Seriously? I didn't think you could play with a torn ACL.

2:35 left in the game & up by 18 points over your rival that you haven't beaten in 5 years?

Check out the student section - can you guess what's about to happen?

Party on the field!

A 1st! Got my mom to come down on the field with me after the game.

& we got to touch Howard's Rock on our way back out of the stadium.

I couldn't ask for a better way to end the season!


  1. I've always heard that Clemson games are really fun. This post made me want to go to one next year! Death Valley looks awesome.

  2. So happy your team won that game and that attendance is pretty amazing!! Happy Monday girl!!

  3. Tailgates for noon games are definitely not my favorite, but ooks like y'all still had fun though!! Glad your rivalry game went better than Georgias! ;)

  4. aww you make me miss Clemson so much and I cannot believe those words are coming out of my mouth right now.... BUT yes the game was amazing and I am so glad you saw Jay and Ashley!!! Miss you girl!!!

  5. yay for your team winning, although I don't really understand most of this (the person with one leg, the rock lol) but you look so happy so that's what matters :) and oh that first photo, you look so cold!

  6. Tailgating is seriously my most favorite thing in the world to do! I just wish the gators were better right now!

  7. Congrats on your win! Love your gameday outfit girl!

  8. Yay for the Clemson win! Love your gameday attire! Glad you survived the cold...totally worth it for the outcome, huh?

  9. Go Tigers!! We all dressed in Clemson colors & watched it on TV - I imagine it was exciting to actually BE THERE for the big win!! :)

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