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Who doesn't love a good midweek date night?

This girl sure does. Our midweek date nights took a pretty big hit this winter/spring {tax season} and then again at the end of tax season {since I was exhausted all day every day during the first trimester}. It was nice to plan a night out with Patrick and our friends and be able to stay awake to enjoy it!

Our first stop was to have drinks and dinner at the new Bone-In Barbeque right next to the Fireflies Stadium out at Bull Street. Bone-In Barbeque started out as a pretty successful local food truck before the owner, Scott Hall, decided to open up a brick & mortar location downtown. They've probably been open a little more than a month, so we figured that it was high time we try it out.

Pro Tip: if you're planning to go to Bone-In Barbeque on a game day, there's a "secret" entrance. Take Bull Street to Calhoun Street and follow Calhoun Street down to Barnwell. Take a left on Barnwell. You'll go to the end of Barnwell, take a left at the stop sign, drive around the back of the stadium, and arrive at Bone-In where they have complimentary valet parking. Win.


Go ahead and make plans to get lunch or dinner at Bone-In Barbeque sometime this summer! The food is outstanding and you better believe that next summer, I will be all over that Frosé that I saw every single person in the restaurant enjoying.

Patrick had the Pulled Pork Plate while I opted for the Brisket Stuffed Mac 'n' Cheese. Our friends Chris and Erica both went for the pulled pork sandwich.

Would we get it again? Yes, but no... only because we want to try other things on the menu, too! We both absolutely recommend the dishes that we got.

Bone-In Barbeque is located right outside of the entrance to the Fireflies stadium, so as soon as we were done eating, we walked over and headed inside for the baseball game. We were fashionably late... just so that we could avoid the crazy heat of the day. It didn't work. It was still pretty hot. But, it was the first day of summer in Columbia and there really isn't much you can do about it.

This season, they've added a new Craft Beer Garden at the stadium this season and on Thursdays, the beer there is half price. $3.50 for a good craft beer at a baseball game? Such a deal.

If you're looking for a fun date night in Columbia this summer, I suggest dinner at Bone-In Barbeque and an evening with the Fireflies. But maybe pick a day to go where the high is in the low 90s, not the low 100s!

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