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College Football: Week 14

College football season is all but over :(
Here's some Clemson vs South Carolina picture fun!
{which conveniently ends with 0:51 left in the 3rd quarter...}

Yes, this is a picture of three boys & their rigged up wireless speaker. That is a straightened out hanger and electrical tape...

 Oysters at a tailgate? Alright.

 Sebrina & I are real life friends and I 100% blame her for my addiction {& now my mother's addiction} to Scandal.

 Everybody loves Chicken Bog! It's the perfect meal at a cold tailgate... yum!

Two of my favorite Yosts to tailgate with! Better see y'all soon even though football season is over...
 You know, the aftermath of this picture wasn't so great but... at least we got a cute picture before. Silver linings y'all, silver linings.

 This makes me laugh. A lot.
 Do not be fooled by this deceiving picture. The Clemson/Carolina game absolutely brings out our best {worst} sides... and we fought the entire game and about everything, not just football. We've got practice. This was the fifth Clemson/Carolina game that we have sat next to each other for.

I think it's safe to say that I can take one for the team next year & find someone else to sit next to!!! :)
Yup, ok, I think we'll end the night with a tied 17-17 game.

Now to wait & see how the bowl picture shakes out after Conference Championship weekend!

Come back later this week to see how I did in the Turkey Trot last Thursday, to catch a glimpse of Kiawah over Thanksgiving weekend, and perhaps some sweet couples who let me take their engagement pictures...

Happy Monday!

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