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ACC Race to the Championship 5K


This was by far the most fun and entertaining one yet, despite the brutal wind and the drizzly weather. I am so glad that I did not let the weather keep me home! 

& an ACC football fan goal: have a picture with every ACC mascot.


The Boston College eagle decided to bite my head. So Corbett did it back to the eagle.

Virginia Tech

Wake Forest & NC State


The Syracuse Orange guy is officially my 2nd favorite mascot ever. I saw shrink down like this to get on a little kid's level and had to have a picture with him doing that. Awesome times 100.
 Georgia Tech




Maryland... adios, turtles!

Back to the race though!

I finished another 5K without stopping {yay!} and kept it under 30 minutes again. As it turns out, running uphill into the wind is going to slow you down just a little bit. But, I'm also super happy with all of my stats for the race...

Total time: 29:28
Mile Pace: 9:29
Overall Finish: 166 out of 354
Gender Finish: 50 out of 164
Age Group Finish: 15 out of 39

Might sign up for one more 5K before taking a little break this winter. I'm not a huge fan of this whole running in the cold thing.

A couple more pictures from the day...

 This one is super blurry but the Maryland Terrapin decided to be the last one to cross the finish line. The Syracuse orange guy ran up behind him and rolled across the finish line {another reason why he's my 2nd favorite!}

 When the last two walkers were in sight, the mascots ran all the way down the road to get them to run across the finish line. Mascots make the day way more interesting.

 This is now in FSU's possession but I got to see it first!

Mascots doing the wobble. The Hokie was hands down the best dancer {followed by the Pitt panther and the Boston College eagle} and the Clemson tiger? Worst. Dancer. Ever.

 We replaced our other 5K friend with the mascot from his school. Upgrade!

Seriously. I love the mascots and their shenanigans! 

I can't wait for this race to come back next year!

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  1. I went to graduate school at ECU and we had two mascots the cartoon Pee Dee the Pirate and a "real life" pirate. The "real life" guy was my favorite, we wore a costume like from Pirates of the Caribbean and was shirtless the entire game. ;) We played VT a couple of times and their mascot had some moves. We always thought his "tail feathers" were a bit saggy though!!


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