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The Easiest Dip Ever: Sausage Dip

If you haven't noticed, I'm about easy dips that just require you to open a few things and dump them all in a bowl and stir. Done. I like that. This one has a few extra steps but nothing crazy.

I also had no intentions of posting this recipe until I found out, contrary to what I thought, that I was not actually the last person to learn about this dip/recipe. So here's for all of you who have yet to discover the wonderfulness of sausage & cream cheese.

1 lb sausage (Jimmy Dean, regular)
2 8oz pkgs of cream cheese
1 can Original Rotel
1 can Spicy Rotel

1. Brown the sausage & drain off excess fat
2. Combine cream cheese, Rotel, and sausage in crock pot & set it on low, stirring occasionally until it's all melted and blended together.


It's that easy.

If you feel like putting more effort into it, I usually add a few extra seasonings {coarse ground black pepper, red pepper flakes, minced onion, garlic salt} to the sausage while I'm browning it. That's only if I feel like playing chef on that particular day.

Trying to figure out if this is worth making?

Here's the dip at about 8am Monday morning at work {sorry for the iPhone pics}:

& here's the dip when I checked back in at lunch:
{& that was a double batch of Sausage Dip!}

Yup. Worth it.


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