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Playing Photographer for a Day {or Two}

Disclaimer: I am, by no means, any sort of professional photographer. But I do love to be behind the lens of a camera & I am not going to say no when friends need pictures :)

Laurel & Steven let me play photographer for them when they needed some pictures for their Save the Date card. We spent one afternoon in Freedom Park in Charlotte and then a little time wandering around Clemson before one of the games this season.

The biggest problem? We picked two places on two days where everyone wanted to be outside and in the background of every single picture. But, we managed to get a few with nobody in the background - yay!

 We tried so hard to get some gorgeous fall leaves into one of the pictures, and in the end, this was about the best we could do...


  1. Girl - for a non professional these came out fantastic!! And how great for your friends that you were able to do this for them!!! :)


  2. These turned out great! I love the one with the scrabble tiles! Super cute!

  3. Very cute! They will definitely be able to use those! Great job :))


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