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Cold Weather Kiawah Adventures

The beach, to me, has always and forever been a place to go to when it is warm outside. What's the point if you can't go lay on the beach and soak up the sun? As it turns out... there are plenty of things to do around Kiawah during the colder half of the year.

I completely skipped any and all Black Friday shopping this year to have a longer stay in Kiawah. So Friday morning, instead of shopping, I wandered all over Kiawah taking engagement pictures for an old family friend & his fiancée.

We played around at The Sanctuary {while watching them set up all of their Christmas decorations}, Rhett's Bluff, and on the beach in front of our boardwalk.

Around lunch time, there was a big Party in the Park out in the newest {read: preserved area now open for building} area of Kiawah called Ocean Park. Ocean Park is gorgeous and the party wasn't too shabby either. We were going to remember the name of the pinot grigio that we were drinking but... I completely forgot. Maybe my mom remembers? It was so good so I hope that she has not forgotten too.

If only I had a reason to have an oyster shell chandelier...

Because all of that clearly wasn't enough, my parents and I went to two different open houses for houses that have been recently listed for sale. All I have to say is that some people have more money than common sense or taste. 

We headed up to The Sanctuary just before sunset to catch The Sanctuary's annual Tree Lighting. There were carolers, scrumptious sugar cookies, and lots of holiday cheer in the air. It was wayyy crowded so I know that if I make it back down to Kiawah before Christmas, I'm going to have to pay another visit back to take some better pictures of the big tree.
I love this staircase. Seriously. It's gorgeous.


One big, long, perfect cold weather Kiawah day.

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