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Cheers to a New Year & Before the Blog

It's hard to believe that I've been blogging since just before football season started this year. It's been almost four months!

But yes... there was a life before the blog. Now happens to be the perfect time for a little trip down {but not too far down} memory lane since LaurenKerriAshleyMiranda, & Laura are hosting the Cheers to a New Year link up party.

Peach State of Mind

It's time to countdown to 2014 and reflect a little on the past year, three months at a time, starting with January, February, and March.

I'm going to be honest: those were pretty boring months in the life of this southern twenty five year old. There wasn't that much going on and there wasn't that much to take pictures of but...

I kicked off the year with a group of friends by watching the Chickfila Bowl {CLEMSON!!!} and eating lots of Low Country Boil before heading to Main Street in Columbia for the Famously Hot New Year Celebration.

I took a day off of work to go to Columbia and surprise my mom for her birthday on January 8. I surprised her in the middle of the school day, kept her occupied while the classroom was set up for a party, and was her convenient excuse to leave right after the students left for the day for a little birthday shopping excursion. 

My best friends {Liza & Becky} and I have a terrible issue with actually sending each other presents on time. I've received Christmas presents in July and birthday presents in November. Doesn't matter. It kind of makes the celebrations last longer? These guys showed up sometime in January...

I was at my little Gold's Gym one Saturday looking for a reason to cut my work out short. Then it started snowing. Then it started sticking. I was the only one in that gym running around like a five year old because it was snowing! Then the snow started sticking a LOT and everyone headed out. This may not look like a blizzard to you but around here, it's a blizzard. Although, it did cancel my Valentine's Day plans...

Some friends of mine adopted a sweet little boy a little over a year ago, and in February on the Saturday night before his baptism, they hosted an Oyster Roast. I always love events where my old church family comes together to celebrate something - they're a fun group :) He was baptized the next morning and we celebrated it with a brunch at his grandparents' house.

I know that I talk about Kiawah all the time now {see yesterday's post!} but there was a point in time fairly recently when I was like Kiawah? What's so great about Kiawah? I'm going to blame my brother for my obsession. He flew to Charleston to visit some of his old friends and since he was so close, my parents and I stayed with some friends on Kiawah for the weekend so we could see him. I think I fell in love with Kiawah that weekend. I loved finding all of the alligators that were out sunning themselves, I loved biking here and there and everywhere, I loved walking down the beach to The Sanctuary... loved it all. I wanted to go back.

So, like I said, not much happening in those months! That changed pretty quickly in April. Come back next week to see!


  1. That seems like a FUN few months though! I would love for it to *finally* start snowing here already haha :)

  2. Your recap was awesome! It looks like you had a great first 3 months of 2013! Thanks for linking up! I can't wait to read your next months next week!

  3. Thanks for linking up! Love your blog, new follower, I'll let it slide that you're a Clemson fan ;)

    Who won this past Saturday? LOL! - said with love

  4. New to your blog from the link-up! How sweet of you to surprise your mom like that- I'm sure she loved it!


  5. Just found your blog from the linkup and look forward to following along! Your pics are adorable and I love your surprise for your mom's birthday! Super sweet!

  6. Just stopping by from the linkup! I adore Charleston! I've never been to Kiawah but next time I'm there I will have to make a visit!

  7. Thank you for linking up with us! I love all your sweet pictures!

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