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Charlotte: Food Truck Friday

I finally made it out to a Food Truck Friday in South End and it was every bit amazing as I had heard it would be. 

We started out the night at the Atherton Mill Market for a Friday night art market.

Nights like Friday make me want to live in South End where there is always something going on and it's easy to walk from place to place. The weather was perfect to be out and about.

But let's talk about Food Truck Friday.

Each Friday night, on a little corner lot on the corner of Camden & Park, a variety of Food Trucks come together with all of their fantastic food to enjoy. You can sit at one of the picnic tables or on a blanket on the ground or you can bring your own chairs. 

Each truck has a little something different to offer. Some cooked burgers. Some had little {delicious} tacos. Some had cupcakes. Some had gourmet grilled cheese {yes, there is such a thing!} All of them had amazing food.

My selections for the night:

The Big Cheesy from Papi Queso
Hand Cut Seasoned Fries from Auto Burger & Fry Guys

The Big Cheesy grilled cheese {cheddar cheese, provolone cheese, American cheese, herbs, & sea salt} was off the wall awesome. I'm craving another one right now just thinking about it. So, so, so good!

& Food Truck Friday is a great place to go with friends!

 Classic kids, shortest to tallest.

Goodnight, South End!


  1. ...None of you are wearing coats. It is December. Ugh.

    1. It was a really warm day... 75 degrees. Don't worry. It's 38 & raining right now.

  2. Oh! I've always wanted to eat from a food truck! I think they're so cool :) Looks like an awesome Friday!

  3. What a perfect evening! The market and food trucks look like so much fun! I saw a cupcake truck in Florida last week and was texting the pic to all my friends - I'd never seen one before!


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