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BBQ in Charlotte: Mac's Speed Shop

Apologies for the lack of posting yesterday - I was a woman on a mission this weekend, and blogging fell to the wayside. I wish I could say it was because I was too busy having an awesome weekend full of crazy happenings but uh, no... I spent the whole weekend studying. Hours and hours and hours of Rosetta Stone Spanish. Ugh. So over it. Anyway...

I got to see my best friend on Sunday!!

I know for most of y'all it's not that big of a deal to see your best friend on any given day of the week but it is for me and my two best friends. The three of us were neighbors for five glorious years until my family moved about 3 hours away and then their family moved an entire timezone away. We haven't lived next door to each other for 11 of the 16 {side note: sixteen? seriously? It's been that long??} years that we've known each other.  But... that's the best thing about Liza & Becky. Doesn't matter.

Again, sidetracked, back on topic.

Liza was passing through Charlotte and she had time to stop and grab some lunch with me before getting back on the road. I gave her three options: Burgers, BBQ, or Brunch. We ended up at Mac's Speed Shop, which in my opinion, is the best BBQ in Charlotte.

 I think there are other pages in the menu? This is the only page I ever come to to order! The plates come with so much food that you don't need to order an appetizer. Unless you want Hush Puppies {but those aren't on the menu - you just have to ask for them}. I want to try the Beer Can Chicken sometime but I can't seem to get away from the same thing I get every time.

 Pulled Pork plate with a double side of french fries. I know. Healthy, right? They have a whole list of awesome sides and I go with double french fries. Some things will never change. The pulled pork is so good, especially with their Carolina BBQ Sauce added to it.

At least Liza branched out with the mac & cheese!

And yes. I set up my little tripod & camera and we took some pictures together in front of my Christmas tree before she got back on the road. 

I can't wait until I can see both Liza AND Becky at the same time again. It's been almost 4 years {entirely too long}.


  1. YUM! I LOVE Mac's. Midwood Smokehouse is also a great place, as is Queen City Q! I go to all three for different things.

  2. No. No WAY it's been almost four years!

    ...Has it? :(

    (PS. I would also go with at least one helping of mac and cheese. Clearly we ARE related.)

  3. I love Mac's!! We have one out by us on S. Tryon and we go pretty often! I don't eat meat so I can't attest for the BBQ, but the local beer selection is outstanding and I just love the atmosphere! :)


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