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Cheers to a New Year: July, August, & September

Back again with another Cheers to the New Year post... we've been through January, February, & March and April, May, & June so now it's time to take a look back at July, August, & September. It's that time of the year where I always seem to hit fast forward on my life.

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Peach State of Mind

Ready? Set? GO!

In July, we took our first ever {ok, first in like 15 years} family vacation to the beach for a week. 

I decided it was a fantastic idea to run a 5K while on vacation so I woke up bright and early on the 4th of July to head out for a 5K through the woods. My mom came to watch!

Hands down the best picture to describe how my family feels about me forcing everyone to take a family picture.

 & the impromptu, unplanned, right before we hit the road picture turned out the best:

& then I turned 25! Jessie and I celebrated our birthday weekend with a 5K, potter painting, and a party with funfetti cupcakes:

I did a little Birthday/new-position-at-work celebrating and bought a bike:

My parents signed the contract on their cute little house at the beach:

Mmm. Queen's Feast. CHIMA.

& then it was off to Greenville to celebrate Erin & Eric's wedding:



August started out on the road to Atlanta to see Jay & Ashley tie the knot, where I made the {not too surprising} discovery that I cannot drive in Atlanta.

I finally took the plunge and joined the blogging world and started A Southern Twenty-Five.

I ended the month with a bang... two football games & a wedding!


I went to my first ever Greek Fest with Jessie, Corbett, and Jarvis

 I went to my first ever Zoofari with Patrick

 & I went to my first ever Homecoming in Godfrey Hall as an alumni {but 10th Clemson homecoming}

Ready for the end of the year?! Maybe? Maybe not? It's less than 2 weeks away...


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