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The Day the Gator Went Under the House

Last Monday morning, after going for a run & eating some breakfast, I was on my way out the door to squeeze in some morning biking when someone knocked. I looked out the door, saw some guy standing there, and opened up the door.

He said, "Ok, I've got something crazy to tell you. This alligator just walked across the road, from the pond over there, and into your yard, and he's under your house."

Um, what?!

The guy continued and said it was a big ol' six foot gator.

Oh, ok. The gator from our lagoon. I ran through the house to the back windows to see if I could see the gator creeping back out from under the house and into our lagoon. About that time I hear my dad talking about how there wasn't any possible way the gator was under the house. There wasn't an opening for a gator to fit through.

Well, where the heck was the gator?

I may have screamed a little when I looked over the railing of the porch and saw that the gator was under the porch.

I think I even said "Oh, that's not our gator. I don't know this one." & that gator certainly was not six feet. Try three.

The guy looked at me like I was crazy. I'm sorry. You're the one that chased a freakin' gator under my porch because your whole family was probably in the street going crazy over the fact that you saw a gator & probably scared him under our porch.


My dad called the gator people to come out and fish the gator out from under our porch. In the mean time, I hung out with some of the Kiawah maintenance people who patiently listened to me talk about my gator in the backyard and how a gator under my porch was totally ok {as long as the gator guys were coming to get him out!}

Ever heard a gator hiss before?

Ever seen one get captured and relocated?

They wanted to drop the gator back off in the lagoon behind our house and we said noooooo way. Put that gator back across the road and keep him away from the big gator that we already have in our lagoon.

Across the road he went!

Our gator decided to make an appearance then to see what all the fuss was in our front yard.


I'm glad that he wasn't the gator under our house though, that's for sure.


  1. I think it's hilarious that you have "our gator" and "gator people". Not something most people can say. Glad you got the random guy out and now I can say I know how that is done.

  2. Glad the younger gator was safely taken back to his home. Some gators are territorial and he might of faired well going into that lagoon with the big gator.

  3. I love the gators on Kiawah (from a distance.) We used to stay in the same condo each summer and there was a gator who would come out of the lagoon and sun on the porch every afternoon. Cute and creepy at the same time!

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  5. All I have to say is Nope. Nope. Nope.
    I understand the love for the southern traditions/culture, but gators is a bit no no. And I am a girl born and raised in Brazil-americanized in Chicago-now Charlotte resident.

  6. Too funny.. I think I will take that baby 3 footer any day over the one in your lagoon! He looks way way bigger... I would die no lie...


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