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It's official: I'm in my late twenties now.

I'm undecided over whether or not I'm excited about that but I am excited that it's my birthday today. Woo! I love birthdays :)

I especially love how 25 ended. I spent the day yesterday on Edisto with some great friends, saw a shark, got to play with my camera during an amazing sunset, and had my favorite beach food {low country boil!} for dinner.


I'm off to spend the day on Kiawah with my family & Patrick. It's my birthday and my last full day of vacation so I plan on making the most of it.

But before I leave y'all for the day, here's some of my favorite parts of year #25. That's a plus side of this whole blog thing. It's easy to see and remember what all I got up to in the last year.

There was the weekend that I decided to attend a Thursday night football game & a Saturday game & a wedding all in the same weekend.

I've realized that I have a small, teeny tinyminuscule obsession with alligators.

I don't like oysters but I love to take pictures at oyster roasts.

Getting wild at the zoo is fun.

I'm still a terrible dancer.

The grill is my best friend when there are fresh veggies around.

I learned that I can not only run a 5K without stopping, but I can run a 10K without stopping. I can sometimes consider myself a runner, too.

Food Trucks are awesome. & worthy of stalking.

This was the easiest & most loved recipe that I made all year. Seriously. People fought over these brownies.

Knights' games are a fantastic way to spend a warm summer evening.

I branched out this year & learned to eat new foods including spaghetti squash, tomatoes, and alfredo sauce.

I also learned to like beer & breweries.

Whew. Ok. Off to enjoy my birthday, y'all enjoy your Sunday!


  1. those sunset pictures are gorg! seems that you ended 25 on a great note. my 26 is in September! happy birthday!!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful birthday... the beach & boil look ah-mazing!! xo


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