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Oh hey, Friday!

Oh hey, Friday! & the end to a 4 day week! & birthday weekend! & {fingers crossed, y'all} my final weekend in my first post-college apartment!

Happy {belated} birthday to my dad! He's lucky enough to share the same birthday month with me ;) We celebrated both of our birthdays down at the beach this past Sunday with drinks & appetizers with some of our friends who live in Kiawah. I had every intention of getting a picture of my dad & me that night but completely failed. Oops.

Maybe pictures of food will suffice?

No? Ok. Here's one from four years ago when we went to Europe. Happy {belated} Birthday, Dad!


Amanda @ as the wine cork turns put up a challenge to run 115 miles before Halloween. It was a perfectly timed challenge for me as I needed to get my butt in gear with training for fall/winter races.

I ran six times on the beach while on vacation plus my 4th of July 5K. I've run twice this week since getting back and have a greenway run set up for tomorrow morning with a friend. Whew. It's safe to say this is the most consistently I've ever run.

I am so happy to have a weekend in Charlotte, even if it means spending a weekend in my disaster of a mostly packed up apartment. We'll be spending as much time as possible out of my apartment, that's for sure!

Seriously. I've stayed at work late and gone biking after work just to avoid spending time in this disaster... which has tripled since this picture.

I got this pretty little thing for my birthday. I cannot wait to use it!

Fondue + Wine = a fantastic girls' night.

Who else is a fan of the weather that Charlotte is having right now? It was 65 degrees when I got in my car to go to the gym this morning and it felt great! I'm not ready for summer to be over yet but a couple of days of cool, humidity free weather sure has been nice.

Happy Friday! Why? Cause there are only 43 days until Clemson beats Georgia!


  1. sooooo happy you're staying on track with the running. that's awesome. and is that the sausage/cream cheese/rotel dip? oh my, that's heaven.

  2. Hmmm that running challenge sounds interesting- I may have to join! Also I love this: "Fondue + Wine = a fantastic girls' night" = yes, yes it does!! Have a great final weekend!! xoxo

  3. That fondue set looks awesome!! Have a fantastic weekend girl :)


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