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Beach House Updates

So the last time we chatted about our little abode down on Kiawah we had just put new furniture in one of the bedrooms, updated the entry area, and had created my favorite area in the main living area: the Gator Stalking Zone. I'm sure it has a more legit name than that {sitting area? 2nd living room? reading area?} but I use the chairs there more to stalk things in the lagoon than to read.

The next thing my parents updated was the lighting situation in the kitchen. There were three not-so-fun pendant lights hanging over the island that had to go. They were replaced with three super awesome pendant lights.

Sweet lights, right? I thought so.

But more importantly, we updated the living room furniture.

Here's the before picture:

{ignore my parents in the picture, but this is about the only picture I have of the living room pre-update. Like those party lights going around the edge of the ceiling?}

Red carpet, red chairs, old couch... they all needed to go.

Here's the after picture:

HUGE difference. I love all of the blues and greens that we have going in the house and y'all, the furniture is so comfortable. I'm just glad that there's something other than a glass coffee table to prop my feet up on now when I'm sitting on the couch!

The furniture is unbelievably comfortable, but comes with a couple of rules. No bathing suits, no sunscreen, no feet. I found a way around that rule by putting on a pair of socks before tucking my feet up under me on the couch though ;)

& the carpet is soooo soft to walk on!

Big shout out to my parents' interior designer from Westend Interiors in Columbia for being the brains behind this operation and pointing my parents in the right direction!


  1. Wow that wall of windows is so pretty! Love all the colors, such a perfect little getaway!

  2. Love it! Hope to see it in person eventually!

  3. The updates look gorgeous! I love the color scheme and those huge windows - such a great vacation spot!

  4. Beyond gorgeous!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. Oh wow! It is BEAUTIFUL! The perfect escape! Love love love how comfy and inviting it looks!

  6. if you could move all of this into my house, that'd be grand. thank you! seriously, beautiful furniture.

  7. Oh my gosh, these are my absolute favorite colors!! Can you just come over and do my apartment the exact same way?!

  8. What a bright, beautiful, beachy place to relax! Love!

  9. I love the aquatic feel of the interior. The blueish-green hanging lights look like smooth glass that was just pulled from the ocean. Against the white walls, that turquoise color really pops. In the living room, the blue and green furniture is reminiscent of the sea. The coffee table surface looks like a salvaged wood floating in water.

    Christie Goodwin @ Window Enhancements LLC

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