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George & Pink in Edisto

Y'all should know by now that I'm a sucker for farmer's markets, cute little produce stands, and buying local. It should be no surprise to you that when I heard about a great produce stand in Edisto that I had to accompany Patrick on a trip to it this past weekend.

George & Pink is located about 3 miles out from Edisto, down a picturesque dirt road.

I may or may not have hung out the window to take a picture as soon as we turned down the road. At least Patrick is used to these types of antics from me and he usually indulges me by slowing the truck down to let me take a picture or by stopping to let me run out to snap a few.

It was a fantastic place to go & I highly recommend making a stop here if you're ever out on Edisto!

They have a good selection of fresh, local produce as well as some things that they had shipped in. We purchased some red potatoes and corn for our Low Country Boil and a couple of peaches. I can't speak for the peaches, but the corn and little red potatoes were perfect on Saturday night.

Don't you wanna go and buy some fresh produce from them now? I know I'm ready to go back and pick something else up!


  1. This place is just too darn cute! Pick me up a watermelon!

  2. I love this! I can't wait to go look into the new farmers market in our area. What camera did you take these on?

  3. This place is amazing!! I cannot wait for a weekend in Edisto very soon :)

  4. This place is too cute - I love little quaint places like this and they always have the best food!

  5. What an adorable place. :)

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  7. So fresh!!! It instantly makes me feel like cooking when the produce is that fresh! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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