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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

If you've ever been around me near my birthday {and by near, I mean during the month of}, you know that I like to celebrate multiple times and sometimes lay claim to an entire birthday week. There might have even been a year {or two} where I stretched it out into a month. I kind of like birthdays, just a little bit.

Birthday week this week unofficially kicked off this past weekend in Edisto & continued through the week this week. Don't you worry. It still isn't over. I've got things planned for this weekend, too!

Linking up for another Five on Friday with April.

I have awesome coworkers at my new job who did some decorating last Friday afternoon after I had left for the day...

{yes, that's a gigantic container of animal crackers on my desk. don't judge.}

Melting Pot twice in one month? Yup. Totally ok with that. My parents took me out to eat there on Monday for my birthday dinner.

Raise your hand if you remember that time a friend offered to pay for everyone's entire meal if we went to Melting Pot and I said no, because the Melting Pot was the worst place ever to go eat. I think times {and my taste buds} have changed since then because I would never turn that down now!

Someone knows how to make this girl happy.

Zoo membership for my birthday! Yes! Y'all can go ahead and plan on reading about the zoo more frequently around here in the upcoming months.

My poor little camera has taken quite a beating lately. The longer I've had it, the more comfortable I am with it... it goes bike riding with me, it's been out on the beach a few times, it gets tossed in a purse for football games, etc. It's not in the best shape ever and I probably just need to bite the bullet and upgrade. But I did some googling last night and came across some replacement parts: an eyepiece and a rubber grip.

I'm ready to do some DIY to get my camera in a slightly better shape before the fall rolls around with football games, road trips, and {many} visits to the zoo.

& you know what? It wouldn't be birthday week without this guy's birthday!

I was born four days before his birthday so he's lucky enough to get to share his birthday week with me ;)

Happy Birthday, Dad!


  1. Happy happy birthday!!! Hope you have a ball celebrating this weekend! I am looking forward to the zoo pics to come :)

  2. I love celebrating my birthday week/month and it looks like you have had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  3. I just want to know how the zoo feels about your bucket of animal crackers... don't get any crazy ideas :) Happy birthday extravaganza!

  4. Jealous of your zoo membership! I love going to the zoo... The animals are just too dang adorable! On another note HappyBirthday to you & your dad :)

  5. Happy birthday! We've been thinking about getting a Zoo membership, too - such a fun place! And cube bday decorations are the BEST!

  6. I love so many things about this post! I, too, agree that birthdays should involve extended celebrations! I love love love that you and your dad are able to celebrate your close birthdays together...so sweet! And I happen to ADORE the HUGE container of animal crackers on your desk. I've been looking for those!

  7. Aww sounds like a great birthday for you and your dad!! That zoo membership sounds like a fantastic present :)

  8. happy birthday week to you and your dad! i have never eaten at the melting pot. i have tried to make extended birthday celebrations happen, but my husband is just like.. no. lol.

  9. I love making the birthday celebrations for as long as possible too! The zoo membership is such a great gift - you'll have so much fun with that!

  10. I think that happened to me once. I thought the Melting Pot sounded weird and didn't want to go, but now I want to try it.

  11. Happy Birthday Week! I haven't been to the melting pot in forever...yum!

  12. So happy you had so many great times celebrating your birthday this past week!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston


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