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River-ing in Columbia {Without an Actual River}

What happens when you take a Londoner out for drinks at River Rat Brewing?

She gets super excited about the flights of beer versus a tall glass of beer because everything in London is super tiny and tiny beers are better. And then this series of pictures happens...

To be fair, I like the flights of beer a lot better than getting a whole big glass of beer so I can't really blame Amy for that. We got a flight to split that included:
2 Broad River Reds
2 Patersbier
1 Hazelnut Brown
1 American Kolsh Story

Nothing new or out of the ordinary there this time.

Afterwards, Patrick and I drove to Riverbanks Zoo for their Member's Night Out event. Can we talk about how much more enjoyable the zoo is when it isn't a million degrees outside when you're walking around? It was still fairly warm but it was a cooler {read: sub-100 degrees} day on Friday and a earlier rainstorm had cooled it off even more.

We missed all of the animal feedings, but had a good time walking around checking out all of the animals. You could tell that they are used to a regular schedule because all they wanted to do after 8pm was go to sleep.

The koalas had it easy - they could go to sleep whenever they wanted to {and looked super cuddly while doing so}

The giraffes? Not so much. We watched them walk towards the gate at the back of their exhibit time and time again, a little confused on why they weren't being allowed to go back to their barn to sleep.

Visit #2 to the zoo: success!

Next Up: Brew at the Zoo! ... hopefully we'll be combining my favorite brewery in Columbia {River Rat} with my favorite place to go {the zoo!}

Get excited, y'all.


  1. I feel like giraffes are some of the most majestic animals...yes I realize this post was more about beer than that but I like the giraffes lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. we might be going to a brew at the zoo (if we can get tickets) and while i don't normally like going to the zoo, it should be fun! the poor giraffes lol.

  3. I love that great elephant photo!! So cute how she got so excited about the tiny beer flights - I always like smaller things too.

  4. I remember we used to go to night zoo events when I was younger, and I always loved it! The animals aren't exhausted in the hot sun and there are so many less people. That and the beer flights look awesome!

  5. I think the elephant exhibit there is much better these days. I vaguely remember it being much smaller in the '90s.


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