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Mid-May Weekending

Some of y'all may have noticed something on my Instagram on Friday afternoon.

Friday was my last day at the job I was at for the first two years that I was back in Columbia. It was a hard decision to leave that job & the friends I made there behind, but I am super excited to start my new job today!

Saturday was all about a wedding.

One that we might have crashed.

The short story is that I got to help out behind the scenes with my favorite Columbia photographer {who was also our wedding photographer}. The mother of the bride & my mom go way back and once she and her daughter heard I was helping out with the photographer, they insisted that Patrick and I come to the reception.

Who are we to say no to a fun night of celebrating and dancing?

Added bonus: they had hired the same band from our reception to play at their reception!

We loved seeing our band again and getting to dance to them. I think that I was on the dance floor the entire night with either my mom or Patrick. There's probably a slew of pictures on Jessica's camera now that I can add to my "Reasons I Shouldn't Dance in Public" collection, but whatever. We had a ball. Best part? The band remembered us and made sure to say hey.

It was a gorgeous reception, and the bride, Marian Bryce, was absolutely stunning!

Also: cheers to this mom!

Not that I ever need an excuse to post a wedding picture {or 5} but Mother's Day seems like a good reason to me ;)

Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. Good luck on your first day girl!! Enjoy the day! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Yay for your new job! I can't wait to hear more about what you are doing :) So exciting!!

  3. Such a fun fact about only vanilla/yellow cake products - I had no idea - but those flavors are my favorite! Can't wait to hear more about the new job! Lots of luck today!

  4. Good luck with your new job today!! I love that you "crashed" the wedding - looks like y'all had a blast, and the bride was stunning.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  5. Haha you bunch of wedding crashers, looks so fun! Good luck on the new job!

  6. wow, i'm so behind, i had no idea you were leaving your job! i would leave my job if they got me all those yummy treats haha. jk. good luck at your new job!!

  7. I hope you had a great first day at the new job! Jess at Just Jess


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