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Five on Friday

Adios work week, hello weekend!

It's Cinco de Mayo today AND the Derby is tomorrow, so naturally there's a dinner out at local Mexican restaurant tonight and a Derby party to attend tomorrow. It's a weekend of all of the festivities and celebrations - I just wish that I was back at Churchill Downs this weekend to partake in the actual Derby fun.

Anyway. It's Friday and it's time for my five favorite this week...
I came home last weekend from the beach and found this happening in our basement:

Patrick was a man on a mission on Sunday and worked super hard to get our nasty, green tiled floors updated with better flooring. This room looks SO MUCH BETTER than it started. In case you forgot, here's a picture from our listing.

So. Much. Better.
The hydrangeas in our front yard are so close to blooming! I was afraid that either I had killed them or the super late frost we had a few weeks ago might have killed them. They survived both the frost and my not-so-green-thumb and are well on their way to looking like this again:

I didn't get to enjoy them as much last year since we didn't live in our house until well after they had finished blooming, so I'm pretty excited to see these every day this year.
Finally, finally, finally got around to going to see Beauty & the Beast this week with my mom. If you haven't seen it yet... I'm not sure what you're waiting for.

We saw the movie Tuesday night and I've had the soundtrack on repeat since then. Who knew Emma Watson had such a great voice?
Remember when we made these wine bottle tiki torches a couple of years ago for the 30th birthday party {that was hijacked into an engagement celebration}? We made a new set of these a few weeks ago and have been rocking them outside ever since.

An evening drink after work or while manning the grill is so much more enjoyable when you don't have mosquitos biting you every two seconds.
The beach is calling my name {again} and I must go!

I may have just had my toes in the sand this past weekend, but all it made me want to do was high tail it back down to Boardwalk 12 ASAP. It looks like it might be a little bit cooler out this weekend but to be honest, I don't care. Give me these sunsets & bike rides around the island, regardless of temperature!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I can't believe how different the basement looks!! Y'all are renovation rockstars! enjoy the beach this weekeend!

  2. The basement looks SO different; love it! It's really coming along! And hydrangeas are my very favorite flower; they were part of my wedding bouquet! :) Happy Friday!

  3. Good job on your basement! I love your flooring choice. It's so nice to come home to that kind of thing, instead of having to do it yourself!
    I had the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack playing for dayyyys after I saw the movie! I really enjoyed it!

  4. The basement looks amazing! I loved Beauty and the Beast as well. Jess at Just Jess

  5. Wow!! The basement looks SO much better - yall have done an awesome job with it!

  6. Really love your new flooring! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  7. Enjoy your beach time - I would take it even if a bit chilly, too! Love those tiki torches - I may need to drink some wine this weekend so I can make one for myself! And oh my goodness, that floor. Looks so, so good!

  8. Girlfriend - your basement!! Looks amazing! You guys are going to love that spot!

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