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Life Lately

Life lately has been different, but oh so good.

I'm pretty sure that I've told everyone I've talked to in the last week that making a career change was such a perfectly timed, perfect-for-me decision. It's always scary when you jump but it's extremely relieving when you realize the jump was 110% worth it. Doesn't mean I don't miss my old coworkers and the close proximity to River Rat for happy hours...

... good thing River Rat is still only a short drive away!

Want to know what else is only a short drive away? Kiawah, especially if you're making that drive at 7am on a Saturday morning and you don't have any of the Charleston traffic to deal with on the way down.

This past weekend was a gorgeous weekend to be down at the beach. It was sunny, hot, and we didn't see any Portuguese Man o' Wars, thankfully. We definitely watched this guy wash up on shore right after we had come out of the water though which was a little bothersome.

Jellyfish aside, I was able to catch a glimpse of my favorite animal on the island. It's been TWO YEARS since I've seen a big gator in our lagoon. Between a little road maintenance that disrupted lagoon life, the 1,000 year flood, and Hurricane Matthew, the alligators have been a little mixed up around the island.

I was more excited than I should have been about seeing this gator. Not the greatest picture, but I wasn't going to chance scaring him under the water by opening the door to grab my real camera.

There was rosé at sunset on our boardwalk.

There was quality time with the 1st Harry Potter book for the hundredth time.

& there was even a little Sunday Funday River Rat beer on the beach because River Rat is always a good idea. Most of the time.

I'd definitely say that life lately has been different, but oh so good.

It's about to be hold-on-to-your-hats, buckle-your-seatbelts busy summer. That's ok. That's how I like things to go!


  1. Seems like you've kicked off your summer! I love seeing all the beach pictures come out. That jellyfish is so cool looking! Not something I'd want to see next to me, but it's pretty amazing to look at.

  2. Rose, books, & the beach - sounds AMAZING!

  3. That is the most interesting jelly fish I've ever seen!! I love that you're already getting beach time in! :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. So glad that your new job was worth the leap-change is always a bit scary! That jellyfish is huge-I would have freaked!

  5. I did a Life Lately today, too! :) Love the the beach photos and of course the HP - I'm waiting not so patiently until Little Man is old enough for HP read alouds :)

  6. Making a move can be so scary, but it sounds like it was well worth the plunge for you! Always love hearing about your weekends in Kiawah - minus the gators - eek!

  7. I'm so glad you're enjoying life right now. Last weekend was perfect weather for Kiawah, and I love those big gators :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  8. I SO wish we were close to a beach like that! Rosé at the beach with a book sounds just heavenly!

  9. Oh your beach days, I'm so jealous!! Love your monogram glass!

  10. Looks like you had an amazing time!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  11. Different can definitely be a really good thing! So glad you are happy in your new job :) And you know I have to say I love that lil Gator! :)

  12. Such a nice plan!!!


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