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Work Hard, Play Harder

I need more three day weekends in my life, please.

{& more pretty blue hydrangeas in the front yard!}

#summeroffun y'all, #summerof fun.

I've spent four of the last five weekends at the beach or on the lake. We'll be landlocked this coming weekend but then we enter in a stretch of seven straight weekends by the water. Bonus? Four of those weekends are long weekends just like this one! Works for me, y'all, works for me.

We packed all of the fun and all of the work that we possibly could into our weekend.

Friday night, we met up with two friends for dinner at Henry's in Cayce. Chicken fingers might not look like branching out to you, but in all of my years of dining at Henry's, I'd never tried them.

Surprise: they're delicious, just like everything else on the Henry's menu.

We hit the water on Saturday for a day out on Lake Murray. The lake was crowded but we still had a great time hanging out with our friends in Hurricane Cove.

Oh, Hurricane Cove: you always provide some good memories & a great boat ride back to the house!

Lake Murray sunsets are the best!

Sunday started out looking stormy, so we packed everything up to head back home. Guess what happened as soon as we were ready to go? The sun came back out! After a super quick debate, we decided to go cruise on the lake again.

Back at home, Patrick and I tested out the new grill with some bacon wrapped filets from Ole Timey Meat Market. In my mind, you can never go wrong with a filet. We snagged our sweet new grill last week as soon as the Memorial Day sales went up at Lowes - SO glad that we did!

Sunday... we made a trip out to Home Depot and then we WORKED. And worked, and worked, and worked some more. Sweeping, dusting, laundry, moving some of my things out of my parents house, going through boxes at our house, building a new parking area on the side of our house, cutting the grass, even more cleaning... whew.

Most of our missions accomplished for the weekend, we're ready to dive into this week. No time for slowing down though! It's a new week and there are new adventures to be had.

Here's to a great {short!} week, y'all!


  1. The title of this blog post is too perfect!!! Love that you were able to enjoy the water, and then get so much done the next day! Those filets look delicious - you can't go wrong with a bacon wrapped filet!

  2. Girl, yes! We all need more 3-day weekends in our life. So much better! You can never go wrong with chicken fingers and french fries - my fav! And glad the weather got nice for you guys to enjoy the lake! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Long weekends are seriously my favorite. I love that with all the summer holidays we have lots more coming up! Looks like you had a great one- and I agree with you, work hard any play harder :) Have a great week!

  4. Love how much time y'all are spending on/near water! My absolute favorite.

  5. Yes for all those upcoming long weekends and weekends away! The flowers in your yard are gorgeous and I can't wait for a lake day - looks like you guys had great weather!

  6. I love the hydrangeas! They've always been my favorite flower, but I have yet to plant some in my own yard. Looks like you had a great weekend! I'm totally on board with making every weekend a 3 day weekend!!

  7. The hydrangeas are just beautiful! What a great feeling of getting all that out of the way and done I bet! Time on the water is the best, those sunsets are so pretty!

  8. I'm so jealous of all the time by the water you guys are having / going to have!! I need a hydrangea bush in my front yard stat!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

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