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Date Night at The War Mouth

Two years.

I've been living in Columbia for two years now. This is the first time since moving back that:

1. We're not house hunting / trying to do all of the things to the house / trying to move into the house.
2. We're not planning a wedding.
3. We're not studying for any type of test.
4. It's not tax season.


It's officially #summeroffun over here and we've been counting down to this day for who knows how long. Patrick and I decided to celebrate that last night with a date night out in Cottontown at The War Mouth.

War Mouth is located in an old fire station just off of North Main Street in downtown Columbia. Technically, it's in the Cottontown area.

Their dinner menu is small and exceptionally southern, but with a twist. My picky-eating self was able to find a few things to try out! Their drinks menu? Excellent. I opted for a Savannah beer - the Scattered Sun Wheat from Southbound Brewing.

For our appetizer, we couldn't decide. I wanted the cheese straws and Patrick wanted the crispy pork belly... so why choose? We got both!

Don't mind me. I'm still over here dreaming of the cheese straws - they were so good. They had the right amount of spiciness to them that you usually don't find in homemade cheese straws. I'm now on a mission to not only learn how to make a good cheese straw, but learn how to make one like these!

I'm assuming the crispy pork belly was good, too. I had a couple of bites but I couldn't get enough of the cheese straws.

For dinner, Patrick went with the pulled pork plate. I didn't try any of his meal but since the plate was clean, I'm going to go with that it was delicious.

I decided that I wanted to get the ribs on the menu {something I have never actually eaten outside of a backyard BBQ before} and someone convinced me that I needed a half rack of ribs.

... I don't think I needed a half rack of ribs!

But that someone really wanted me to get more than I could possibly eat so that he could steal a taste or two. It worked. I knocked out four ribs but needed help on the other two. Next time? Definitely going to go with the single order of 3 ribs.

& yes, there will absolutely be a next time at The War Mouth! It was a fun, delicious date night for us. Better yet? Located right next door is the future home of Cottontown Brew Lab. Local, excellent restaurant? Check. New, local brewery? Double check.


  1. Oh man, that food looks amazing! If you find out how to make those cheese straws you MUST share that recipe. I LOVE cheese straws! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Looks like such a fun, cute place! And will be even more fun with the brewery. I definitely do not have enough cheese straws in my life!

  3. My goodness- my mouth is WATERING looking at those delicious plates of food! Weeknight dates are so much fun!

  4. This place sounds amazing! My mouth is watering at that food! Yum! Enjoy your summer of fun! :)

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