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House Updates {6 Weeks}

Drum roll please...
We officially have one half of the house completed!
{you know, with the exception of the trim/blinds in the room that's being used as paint/tool storage for now}
But seriously. One half of the house is painted and cleaned and has blinds and has a little bit of furniture. I never thought that I would see the day.
Master Bedroom: complete.

Master Bathroom: complete.

Guest Bedroom: complete.

Hall Bath: complete

Hallway: complete

Foyer: complete {ish}

The ceiling needs to be painted but a certain fiancé of mine is going to tackle that one night this week and get it knocked out. And we need to put a doorknob back on and one switch plate and fix the light fixture. Then done.
& on that note we are DONE with house work for now. That's right. We made the sanity-saving call to stop all house work until after the wedding. There's entirely too much going on in our lives outside of this house and we have the majority of what we need done for now.
Some things will probably still be happening in the background... like prepping the walls in the living room/dining room for painting and hiring someone to do something about the textured ceilings in both of those rooms. And maybe hanging shelves and hanging rods in our closets in the master bedroom so we can use them. But y'all, anything else? I'm out.
With 32 days to go until wedding day, it was time to switch our focus back full time to wedding planning and prep. Patrick's so excited. I think he would much rather paint or clean out that washer/dryer again than focus 100% on getting things done for the wedding ;)

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  1. You guys have done such an amazing job! I love the colors that you've picked! xo, Biana

  2. Aw I missed the house tour when I was in North Carolina with no cell service I will have to go back and look! Coming along great, can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. So much going on for you two! The house looks great so far. Enjoy every second of this last month before the big day!

  4. You guys have been killing it with all of the painting, I think I need to hire you for our house! haha I love all of the colors you chose. So excited for you being so close to the big day, enjoy the last month or so of engagement!

  5. Looks great! I can't believe how much y'all have gotten done already and I think you are so smart to take a rest from now until the wedding :) ~Hannah

  6. Awesome job!! It looks great!! I know it has to feel good to have so much accomplished!

  7. i can't imagine how stressful doing the house stuff and wedding stuff was, so kudos to you. i was losing hair i was so stressed about the wedding, and there was no house involved haha. but for reals, your house is so pretty! can't wait to see what you all do with it in the long run.

  8. The ceiling fan in the second pic looks so beautiful. I like it a lot.


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