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One Month Until the Kiawah Half

Some of y'all have been asking how the half marathon training is going. It's probably because you've seen all of my "I hate running on the treadmill" snaps lately.
To be honest, training for this half was a whole lot easier last year than it has been this year.
I think that's partly because I had an awesome running buddy to run with during the week but also because it was so much easier to find time to actually run. I used to work 6:45 to 3:45 up in Charlotte and I lived five minutes away from work. I could get home, change, get to the Greenway, and run 7 miles with Hannah all before it got dark.
It's like 6:30 before I'm ready to run and with the time change, it's too dark to run outside. I've had to switch my running to indoors on the treadmill during the week and cross my fingers for time on the weekend to squeeze in a long run.

Luckily, I've found a new gym in Columbia that I love and it's given me a little more motivation to keep up with this training. I'm mixing in a Body Pump class, a Body Combat class, and some regular strength training with the runs so that I'm not getting too bored.
There's no real "schedule" for what I'm doing at this point. It's all about finding some time, getting what I want to do completed, and calling it a day.
I've signed up for three races between now and the Kiawah Half.
Sleigh Bell Trot - November 24
Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands Turkey Day 5K - November 26
ACC Championship 5K - December 5
I've signed up for each of those races because while I do really want to run them, they're going to force me to do two things:
1. Get back into a race mindset
2. NOT push myself on distance running leading up to the race
30 days to go until it's time to run around my favorite island. Let's do this so I can get another pretty medal & say that I've completed 2 half marathons!


  1. Please send some of your motivation to me! I have zero right now and I really need to get myself in the gym!

  2. You're getting so close! I second the awfulness of treadmills. Good luck with your races leading up to it, too!

  3. I spend for half of my marathon training on a treadmill a few years ago...it was too hot to run outside! I ran once for 14 miles on that thing...ugh!!! But I honestly think it helped me run at a faster pace when I did get to run outside! So keep it up!!! :)

  4. i'm so jealous of your body pump classes. i miss them so much! i used to hate the treadmill, but i am appreciating it a lot more these days. it's too dark outside in the morning or after work, it's cold, and i like being able to stop whenever i want (outside i obviously have to make it back home) and i'm a big ol baby and feel safer inside the gym. is that weird or what? anyway. good luck for your second half!


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