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Our Wedding: The Reception {Part 1}

After the slightly traumatic arrival to our wedding reception, we were MORE than ready to get the party started! The girls bustled up my dress and they took out my veil and swapped it for a pretty comb, all while I drank out of a bottle of Prosecco.
Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to calm down on her wedding day!
Our parents & bridal party were introduced to the reception and they danced into "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake.
And then it was our turn!

Our first dance was so incredibly special to me. We shag danced to "With This Ring" by The Platters and y'all, it was the greatest dance ever. Well, to us at least.

{judging from our parents' faces & reactions in the background, I think we had just successfully pulled off the "around the world" move...}

All of our crazy shag dance lessons and our sunroom practice sessions had paid off - we had so much fun dancing our first dance with one another. We also kind of looked like we knew what we were doing, too.

Patrick handed me off to my dad for a dance {"Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison}

& he danced with his mother. Their dance... was anything but normal. I'm not even sure what all they did out on the dance floor but you could tell they were having a blast.

My dad then took the mic, gave us a funny, sweet toast {that got some people... ahem my husband... to tear up a little} and then handed it back to the band to get things going.

From there? I have no idea what happened.

The entire night was a whirlwind of awesome.

Patrick and I kept losing each other and circling the room to talk with friends, take pictures, and to soak it all in.

Our planner grabbed us pretty early on to cut the cake.

Cutting a wedding cake {or having one at all} was not something that Patrick nor I particularly wanted to do. We tried to completely ditch the cake, actually. But it was requested so we agreed to a small, one tier cake. That morphed into a three tier cake somehow.

Luckily, my husband and I were on the same page as soon as we saw the sweet little bride and groom Blue Flour Bakery cookies sitting next to the cake. Sure. We'll cut the cake. But that doesn't mean we're gonna eat it! Pretty sure that's a look of fear on my wedding planner's face because she has no idea what we've just plotted with that high five.

We cut the cake and immediately went for the cookies.

Immediately after that, we played a game with our guests. All the married couples went to the dance floor for a dance. One by one, each couple was called off the dance floor based on how long they had been married {one day, one month, one year, five years, etc} until we were left with just the couples who had been married for 40 years. Like my parents. We kicked everyone off the dance floor but them at that point so that I could give them a toast for their 40th Anniversary.


Speaking in front of a group of people isn't my thing. Unless it's my wedding day. I was pretty nervous about giving them a toast until I got up there with the mic. It's so easy to talk in front of everyone when you know them all.

... and then the party REALLY started.

Photographer: Jessica at Jessica Roberts Photography
Dessert Cookies: Blue Flour Bakery
Wedding Cake: Publix Bakery


  1. Oh, I love all these pictures! You're positively beaming! I just read the traumatic arrival post…wow. My little sister's wedding was much like that. Someone fell and had a TBI, then my new brother-in-law's father passed out. Such craziness! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the night!

  2. Oh my gosh that looks like a BALL!! "With this Ring" is by far my favorite beach music song..ever! And I danced with my dad to "Brown Eyed Girl," too!! So sweet of you to give your parents a toast--I teared up reading that!

  3. I just love how happy the two of you look in all of these pictures!

  4. You guys looked like you had such a blast at your reception! I love all the lights above the dance floor, so fun! And your hubby and his mom's dance... haha! Love the cookies you guys had too! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. These photos are all so gorgeous - you guys look so happy! The first dance ones are my favorite - perfect!

  6. Oh my gosh you are cracking me up with those dance moves! This looks like the most fun wedding ever and you both look so freaking happy!

  7. What a fun party!! Your cake photos are my favorite!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. my girlfriends and i drank out of a huge bottle of champagne before walking down the aisle. i wish i had pictures of it, it always makes me laugh to remember it. loved reading this and looking at all the pictures of the fabulous dance moves. i love that game thing where all the married couples go on the dance floor and they leave by years.. it always makes me say aww really loudly. KC will never go out with me (to the like, 3 weddings we've been to since we've been married that did that dance thing) but one day when we can last on the floor a little longer and not have to leave after like, the first thing? i'm dragging him out there haha.

  9. Your reception looks like THE BEST! How fun!! Having the couples dance until the longest married couple is on the floor is my absolute favorite!


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