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Week 5: Clemson vs Notre Dame

The game that I didn't attend.

I know, I know, I missed a game. I never miss a game.

This is the 12th season that I've been attending Clemson home football games. There have been 78 games so far that I've had season tickets to. Out of all of those games, I have missed a grand total of three. THREE! 75 games over 12 seasons {not including all of the USC games I've gone to over the last seven seasons}.

{throwback to fall 2009 & Patrick's first game with me at Clemson}

I would have stood in the cold and the rain. Hello, 2009 season where it rained every single game. Hello USC/UGA game in 2014 where I stayed in the rain through the alma mater at the end.

{another fall 2009 throwback}

But you know what? I didn't really think it was a smart decision to drive to a rain-soaked Clemson for an 8PM game and then attempt to make it back home to Columbia, two hours away, in this insane weather that's been pounding South Carolina lately. So we sold our tickets to four Clemson fans Friday night and settled in at home to weather out this storm.

I hated not being there tailgating all day. I hated not being there to see Game Day. I hated not being there to see all of my friends.

Although, not going to lie, when the game came on TV Saturday night and we saw everyone standing in the pouring down rain... Patrick, my dad, my mom, and I may have all cheers-ed our good decision. It was very weird to watch a game happening in Death Valley from home on TV, but kind of interesting to see it from someone else's point of view.

And what a game it was!


Clemson vs Notre Dame: October 4, 2015
24-22, Clemson

It was amazing and stressful and intense and ridiculous and insane and out of control and LOUD.


Game Day was spectacular, despite the fact that Corso picked against Clemson. Again.

Death Valley looked incredible on TV. It was rocking. Those who could get safely to and from the game got there and they were the ultimate 12th man in the game.


Can't wait to be back there on Saturday when {#6!!!} Clemson takes on Georgia Tech at 3:30!


On a separate note, thanks for everyone checking in on me to make sure I was surviving the Columbia flooding!

We are all safe & sound over here. We do not have any flooding at my house {thanks to being high up on a hill}, we have power, we have cable & internet, and {most importantly} we have wine. You can open up our front door though and hear the spillway from Lake Murray... which is kind of cool, gotta admit.

My weekend has been extended to a three day weekend. The plant that I work at in downtown Columbia has not flooded but is currently inaccessible. That side of town seems to have taken the brunt of the storm and has lots and lots of flooding. Please keep everyone affected by this storm in your thoughts & prayers!


  1. So glad y'all are safe!! This weather has been insane! I'm a big football fan but I would have totally stayed in my PJs at home too if I were you. Better safe than sorry!!

  2. Glad you guys are safe and dry! I was wondering if you had gone or stayed home when we saw how hard it was raining on TV. These rainy Saturdays have got to go - I was holding out hope all week and was so bummed when we arrived into town with rain.

  3. Holy moly, that image of the stadium in the storm is insane. Definitely a smart decision to skip this game, even though I'm sure it was a tough one to make!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  4. I was thinking about you this weekend! My friend went to the game and she said it was 110% completely MISERABLE! So probably good thing you stayed home!! Glad you are safe and have wine!! :)

  5. So glad you are safe!! My cousin is starting her first year at Clemson this year and we are going to go to the Clemson Florida game to visit her. I've hear the atmosphere is amazing, so excited!!

  6. Oh no! I can't believe you didn't make it out for the Game Day festivities! I don't blame you though. The weather looked horrible there and it's definitely better to be safe than sorry. Watching it safe and dry indoors is definitely better than miserable there! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Glad to hear your safe. This rain has been ridiculous.

  8. It was SUCH a good game, but I think you totally made the right (and safest) call by not going!

  9. I was wondering if you headed there this weekend! What a game...although it definitely seems like the best choice to have stayed home where it was dry!

  10. Glad to hear you're safe & sound in Columbia - it's so heartbreaking to see the devastation!! Also glad for the Tigers big W this weekend :)

  11. We missed you at the game this weekend but glad you were safe at home!

  12. glad you are happy with your decision to stay home.. but holy moly that is a lot of football games that you've attended ;)


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